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It is imperative for businesses today to have a deep understanding of their customers and efficiently offer a seamless multi-channel customer experience. Salesforce’s dynamic, cloud-based CRM helps clients manage and maximize customer interactions to extract more value, while improving customer satisfaction.

The challenges organizations face:

  • Lack of 360 degree view of customers
  • Difficulty enabling multi-channel customer engagement, satisfaction and retention
  • Slow time to market
  • Multiple legacy applications, which affect scalability, availability and performance

How can Atos|Syntel help?

  • Leverage our SalesForce Silver Partnership to establish a Center of Excellence 
  • Support contact center implementation specialists 
  • Product installation and configuration for SalesForce AppExchange 
  • Customer experience (CX) solutions

How is our solution unique?

  • SyntBots® intelligent automation framework enables faster cloud migration
  • Automated DevOps accelerates development for cloud platforms 
  • High degree of reusability, with pre-configured test automation scripts and industry-specific process templates

What outcomes can we deliver?

  • 40% reduction in cloud migration costs
  • 40% faster time to market
  • 30%+ lower development cost
  • 25% reusable test automation scripts
  • Scalable, secure, maintainable applications
  • Future-proof solutions

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