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Organizations with mission critical core applications running on mainframes must manage this aging infrastructure, making it difficult to find the budget and bandwidth to implement new technologies elsewhere in the enterprise. If you are committed to running apps on mainframe, Mainframe-as-a-Service (MaaS) from Atos can transform your business.

With a flexible pay-per-use model, we can eliminate cost challenges, service issues and staff shortages – delivering elastic data center operations and reduced workload at lower infrastructure costs.


Key Offerings


Conduct due diligence on your existing mainframe systems and deliver a roadmap that ensures minimum business disruption


Execute platform and system updates to get your mainframe applications ready to move to the Atos Mainframe Hub


Move your workloads to the Hub, running them more efficiently and delivering scalable, "always on" operations

Our Mainframe-as-a-Service model frees up your financial and human resource, which can be reinvested in modernization and digital transformation projects.

Key Benefits

Total cost savings as high as 25%

15–20% up-front platform cost savings

15–40% improvement in transaction rates

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