MIII (Manage Migrate Modernize)

Reduce your “run the business” costs and invest in growth with Atos|Syntel’s self-funding MIII mainframe modernization solution.

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To keep pace with disruptive new technology and connect with digital natives, your business can’t afford to be constrained by the high cost and diminishing skill pool for legacy platforms.

Atos|Syntel’s MIII (Manage Migrate Modernize) solution helps deliver a self-funded modernization that can achieve the full potential of your mainframe platforms, and a risk-free move to a modern technology stack. In addition, the savings we deliver on your “Run the Business” operations can be reinvested to fund your digital transformation.

Redefining Trends in Digital Banking


Key Offerings

MIII includes three primary levers to achieve a sustainable self-funding modernization program for your enterprise.


Put the SyntBots automation platform to work delivering cost savings to your business and IT operations for greater efficiency, less effort, and “always on” infrastructure.
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With 130,000+ MIPS installed at data centers across the globe, our Mainframe as a Service model delivers economy of scale and up-front infrastructure cost savings by migrating to our powerful mainframe hub.
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Leverage IP like Exit Legacy, Cloud Studio and Atom for an accelerated, risk-free way, to transform to secure, microservices based cloud applications
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Key Benefits

20-30% reduction in application management costs

15–20% platform cost savings

35% savings on SME efforts

60% automation for L0/L1 support

Tactical workload reduction

Faster and risk free modernization

Success Stories

Improving performance for a technology distribution company with Atos Mainframe-as-a-Service

A global technology distributor needed their systems to be flexible enough accommodate seasonal processing peaks, resilient enough to quickly recover from failures, more secure, and more cost effective. Unfortunately, their legacy IT infrastructure was not up to the task.

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Implementing a Factory Model for Cloud Migration

A leading financial services company needed to improve scalability and agility to maintain their competitive position in the marketplace. They turned to Atos Syntel for help moving a large portfolio of enterprise applications to the cloud.

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Accelerating Time to Market with Pivotal Cloud Foundry

The client, a leading retailer, was facing slow cycle times for the development, testing and deployment of new applications, which resulted in slow rollout of new business functionality. In addition, a lack of automation was driving up the cost of development and maintenance

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Modernizing and transforming enterprise insurance systems

In today’s evolving insurance industry, every major player relies heavily on IT systems to issue policies, process claims, and manage billing and other functions. 

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Consolidating and Modernizing an Accounts Receivable System

A leading U.S. logistics company was maintaining several Accounts Receivable systems for their different divisions. In order to reduce the total cost of ownership and incorporate new functionality, they wanted to consolidate their A/R systems and create a single repository

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