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Atos|Syntel – A Trusted Platinum Partner for the Duck Creek Product Suite

Atos|Syntel is a Duck Creek Platinum Partner with experience in 70+ successful product implementations across Commercial, Specialty, Workers Comp, and Personal Lines of Business. As an example, we are the SI partner to one of the world’s largest commercial insurance providers responsible for the global Duck Creek rollout across multiple products and geographies. We also provide Support, Upgrades and Infrastructure services for implemented products. We will leverage our extensive experience with Duck Creek Technologies to bring predictability and ensure an on-time, on-budget program.

Services Spectrum


  • Functionality Mapping
  • Product Feature Comparison
  • Cost-Benefit Analysis
  • Implementation Roadmap


  • Requirements Analysis
  • Design (Forms, skins design, Rating algorithms, Manuscripts)
  • Product Configuration, Interface Development
  • Testing
  • ISO Circular Adoption / Rollback
  • Data Migration
  • Schema Maintenance


  • PAS / Claims / Billing Consolidation
  • Integration
  • Migration
  • Multi-state rollouts
  • Business rules extraction


  • Installation & support
  • Build & deployment
  • BAU, incident / problem management
  • Enhancements
  • Application Management: ITIL, Metrics-based Monitoring & Diagnostic enablement


  • Product upgrade

Atos|Syntel–Duck Creek Center of Excellence (CoE)


Atos|Syntel's Duck Creek CoE has a pool of trained professionals with expertise in implementing the Duck Creek product suite. We have invested strategically to conceptualize and create Intellectual Property and build solution accelerators. The CoE develops skills, builds knowledge repositories and provides architectural and consulting support to our delivery teams.


We have 55+ accelerators for requirement analysis, implementation, integration and testing.

We have built evaluation frameworks, templates and accelerators to address challenges across the different phases of the application lifecycle. This enables us to provide quick and precise solutions to our clients.

Atos|Syntel has proven global rollout capabilities for the Duck Creek product suite. Our SyntBots® led product implementation framework is being leveraged by clients to achieve increased speed-to-market.

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