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The digital age has brought together the technology and process maturity required to fundamentally transform IT services.

Today, enterprises in every industry are under pressure to cut costs and become more agile. They face fierce competition from disruptive startups with a digital advantage, putting pressure on them to transform their businesses.

Today's "digital native" consumer is brand agnostic and accustomed to ease of access and convenience. They expect services to be delivered anytime and anywhere, through social, mobile and other digital channels.

Therefore, today's enterprises must modernize and migrate their mission critical systems in order to engage digital native consumers and avoid a "digital disconnect".

In this environment, it has become critical for enterprises to:

  • Create the financial and staffing capacity to plan and execute future business models, rather than day-to-day operations
  • Quickly develop and market high-quality new products, services and functionality with lower costs
  • Keep mission critical operations and systems running at peak performance around the clock

SyntBots has certified integration with SAP NetWeaver, enabling clients to automate the implementation, rollout, and upgrade of SAP applications. It can be easily integrated into SAP environments and operates seamlessly with SAP applications.


Technology-agnostic RPA solution

Process Recorder and Designer

Vision Engine

Machine Learning Module

Natural Language Processing

Document Processing Capability

Insights for Business Dashboards

Enterprise Adapter Library

Virtual Workforce Manager

Reporting and Governance


Our managed services powered by SyntBots deliver a holistic solution that enables businesses to thrive in the digital economy.

SyntBots is a next-generation automation platform that utilizes intelligent automation to transform IT operations, DevOps, and processes across the entire enterprise. SyntBots addresses three key transformation areas:

  • Ensure highly-available IT systems and processes to serve customers across the globe over multiple channels using SyntBots for IT Operations
  • Enable faster development of new products and ensure "first time" right using SyntBots for Product Engineering
  • Automate processes to free up bandwidth to work on transformation ideas with SyntBots for Processes
SyntBots for IT Operations

SyntBots for IT Operations

Application Management    |    Infrastructure Management

SyntBots for IT Ops delivers a single, unified automation platform for managing an enterprise's IT infrastructure, including application support, infrastructure support, monitoring, event handling and remediation.

This is not simple trigger-based scripting that responds to failures and outages. SyntBots for IT Ops bases its actions on predefined business rules and guided machine learning to take precise, intelligent steps to keep the business running at peak performance.

Through the power of predictive analytics, SyntBots for IT Ops can learn and understand trends - to enable preventive scaling instead of reactive recovery. It leverages a holistic approach to automation to virtually eliminate the cost associated with manual effort, reduce staff workload, and boost system uptime.

Solution Highlights:

  • Automated management for applications and infrastructure, with auto remediation of monitoring, incident management and problem management
  • Customizable levels of automation - from enriched or assisted to fully automated
  • Creates a unified automation approach, vs. silos of tools
  • 500+ ready to deploy SOPs for common recurring incidents
  • Integration with ITSM tools for automatic updates
  • Plug and play architecture
  • Ticket enrichment and prioritization for problem tickets
  • Rule-based workflows
  • Metrics and reporting dashboards
  • Enables increased offshoring and reduction in TCO

70%Improvement in SLA

35%Reduction in TCO

ActiveBusiness Continuity Planning

Reducedoperational risk

SyntBots for Product Engineering

SyntBots for Product Engineering

Mordernization    |    Digital Development    |    Continuous Testing

SyntBots for Product Engineering combines Agile development, environment automation, and a powerful set of reusable test automation tools to deliver continuous testing, continuous delivery, architectural compliance, and automated QA across the entire enterprise development function.

By implementing a shift-left approach, standardized processes, a tool-agnostic test automation framework, and a library of domain-specific testing accelerators, SyntBots for Product Engineering goes way beyond simply reducing the cost of testing. It transforms a traditional QA function into true quality engineering. It also reduces manual effort, improves software quality, promotes continuous improvement, enables better predictability, and speeds up releases, enabling your clients to be the first to market new products and services.

Automated IT operations bring in a single pane of automation across monitoring, event handling, recovery, and resolution. Coupled with intelligent automation, this enables significant increase in availability, while eliminating costs associated with manual effort invested in these activities.

Solution Highlights:

  • Auto provisioning of environment and self-service to accelerate test environment availability
  • Suite of accelerators for test case generation, functional, regression, and UAT testing
  • Continuous build and rollout to enable faster time to market
  • Automated code reviews for compliance to reference architecture and coding standards
  • Shift-left framework for quality assurance and efficiency
  • Integration with project management tools such as JIRA for auto project tracking and reporting
  • Workflow driven automation, customized rules, and thresholds
  • Performance dashboards and reporting
  • Built on open architecture for zero lock-in

20%Faster Time to Market

45%Increase in First Time Right

10%Increase in Productivity

60%Reduction in Deployment Effort

70%Improved Availability

SyntBots for Processes

SyntBots for Processes

Robotic Automation    |    Intelligent Self Service    |    Digital Roadmap

SyntBots for Processes is an intelligent process automation approach that incorporates application, screen, and IVR automation. Like some existing RPA tools, SyntBots for Processes manages repetitive tasks as well as repeatable business processes, but it goes one step further.

It doesn't simply learn and replicate user actions and mouse clicks, but integrates directly with the application backend for tighter integration, faster process execution, and greater flexibility. It can also automatically scale agents, underlying applications, and infrastructure to dynamically respond to your changing needs.

The SyntBots process recorder accelerates the understanding of your current business processes and helps define the new automation-enabled processes. Its key features are:

  • Technology agnostic
  • Non-invasive capture of process steps and application details
  • Innovative text to audio feature supports attaching spoken commentary on the processes
  • Extrapolates automation complexity and feasibility studies
  • Helps perform Time and Motion studies
  • Masks sensitive information
  • Generates output in HTML, PDF, DOC, XML and BPMN formats

Solution Highlights:

  • Continuous improvement and self-learning capabilities
  • Service based non-linear model to generate ~40% TCO reduction
  • Horizontal scalability across the enterprise
  • Ready-to-use repository of process models
  • Developed and implemented by domain certified experts
  • Open Standards based platform
  • Delivered as Managed Service
  • Robust governance, knowledge management and real-time tracking and analytics


40%Reduction in TCO

90%Reduction in Turnaround Time

Reusable Components for Testing and Modernization Programs


SyntBots has helped customers address the challenge of transforming their businesses in the Digital Age. SyntBots has enabled many organizations to succeed in today's marketplace, helped them revolutionize the way they use technology, and created future-ready enterprises.

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