Process Digitization

Accelerate business processes by transforming your enterprise digital backbone.

Digital Services


Process digitization is key to transforming an organization into a Digital Enterprise. It enables faster response, greater accuracy and lower costs. It also serves as the backbone to deliver a superior customer experience across all your digital touchpoints.

Challenges to Process Digitization:

  • Fragmented business processes impede straight-through processing and impact the customer experience
  • Difficulty in responding quickly to changing market conditions and new opportunities
  • Slow implementation of compliance regulations

Atos|Syntel  helps organizations build a robust digital backbone, leveraging microservices, event-driven architecture, messaging, business process management and AI-driven automated workflows to improve performance and enterprise agility.


Key Offerings

Process Modeling and Optimization

Case Management

Workflow Automation

Rules Harvesting

Complex Event Processing

Automated “Next Best Action”

We leverage our ATOM digital platform to reduce time to market by 15-25% with ready-to-use solution building blocks for process digitization.

Key Benefits

Quicker Transaction Processing With Automated Workflows

30% Productivity Gain On Microservices Implementations

Leverage API Economy To Generate New Sources Of Revenue

Success Stories

Retailer Records 22% Jump in Home Services Exterior Sales

The client is a Fortune 100 home improvement superstore that was looking to streamline their lead to sale process by developing a new mobile app for its sales teams. It was intended to replace bulky, paper-based product catalogs, order forms and contracts, and capture orders

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