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Having clear, actionable information at the point of decision making is a fundamental building block of a digital enterprise. Relevant and timely insights can enable you to deliver a personalized experience leading to superior consumer engagement. However, many companies face challenges getting the right information to decision makers at the right time. They include:

  • Information silos, rigid information architecture and lack of data governance, which hinders the ability to leverage huge enterprise data stores
  • Difficulty enabling data-driven decisions, despite advancements in data management and data science


Key Offerings

Atos|Syntel’s Insight One delivers the technology and expertise you need to ensure that actionable insights are available to your enterprise in real time. We partner with clients to drive their digital transformations, leveraging our deep expertise in data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to optimize the way they use data. Our services include:

Consulting Services

Establishing an Enterprise Data Architecture strategy, and a strategy and roadmap for Big Data analytics

Unified View of Business

Holistic view of business data within the enterprise for greater data democratization, data availability and readiness for advanced analytics

Actionable Insights

Advanced analytics using machine learning techniques for customer value analytics, risk analytics, and operational analytics

Single Version of Truth

Single view of entities such as customers, products or partners

Data Modernization

Legacy data architecture modernization for faster data processing and business agility

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Atos|Syntel’s in-house digital platform, ATOM, reduces time to market for digital transformation programs by employing ready-to-use solution building blocks and advanced strategies and tools, including:

  • Automated batch and streaming data ingestion to Hadoop, which accelerates Big Data implementation by 30%
  • Ready-to-use analytical models to improve data scientist productivity and reduce model development time by 30%

Key Benefits

Personalized Consumer Experience

Business Growth Driven By Targeted Analytics

Greater Business Agility

Reduced Business Risk

Elimination Of Information Silos

Success Stories

Building Microservices for a Top 5 U.S. Payer

The client is a leading U.S. healthcare payer. They wanted to build analytical models for machine learning and offer analytical services to both internal and external customers, including healthcare providers, developers and researchers.

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Improving Machine Reliability with Real-time Monitoring and Failure Prediction

A large U.S. truck manufacturer was in need of a next generation telematics platform to enable real-time monitoring of their vehicles to prevent unexpected maintenance downtime.

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Delivering Integrated Analytics for a Fortune 100 Insurer

A Fortune 100 U.S. insurer was experiencing high claims losses and needed to understand the underlying reasons. They turned to Atos Syntel for a deep dive analysis of the losses in order to reduce claims risk, optimize their portfolio, and help their agencies perform better.

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