Create a more scalable, reliable "always on" enterprise with Atos|Syntel’s enterprise cloud solutions.

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Manage, Migrate and Modernize with Atos|Syntel’s Cloud Services

Cloud solutions are quickly emerging as the key driver for enterprises to maintain their competitive edge, simplify their IT infrastructure, and "keep the lights on" at the lowest cost. Our Cloud Services deliver a viable and scalable solution to this complex challenge, providing clients with a complete roadmap for onboarding to the cloud.

The most pressing challenges:

  • High cost to develop and maintain applications on-premises
  • Slow time to market
  • Diverse application stacks and no reference architecture for cloud
  • Limited scalability, flexibility and forward compatibility
  • Lack of credible ROI model to justify cloud investments
  • Poor user experience


Key Offerings

Atos|Syntel helps map out your cloud journey from strategy to execution by offering deep, industry-relevant insights as well as world-class infrastructure, software and platforms delivered in an "as-a-service" model.

Cloud Advisory

Enables organizations at various stages of the cloud adoption journey to decide their future course and achieve ROI from cloud investments

Cloud Engineering

“Greenfield” cloud development services ranging from architecture design through implementation. Improve developer productivity and achieve speed and scale with full-stack development and SAFE Agile processes on leading cloud platforms.

Cloud Migration and Modernization

Automated services powered by Atos|Syntel’s tools, accelerators, expertise in applications and domains, and strategic partnerships enable your enterprise to leverage the maximum benefits of cloud.

Cloud Operations Powered by SyntBots®

Automate infrastructure, applications and processes, and manage operations across the entire cloud technology landscape with our next-generation intelligent automation platform, SyntBots®

Key Benefits

40%+ Increase in Speed-To-Market

30% Improvement in Quality

Up to 95% Reduction in Analysis and SME Effort

30% Reduction in Migration Effort

Success Stories

Cloud Migration Factory for a Leading Insurance Firm

A leading U.S. insurance company was looking to explore the possibility of migrating their most critical applications to a cloud-based system, but needed guidance on where to start and how to proceed with this major initiative.

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Accelerating Time to Market with Pivotal Cloud Foundry

The client, a leading retailer, was facing slow cycle times for the development, testing and deployment of new applications, which resulted in slow rollout of new business functionality. In addition, a lack of automation was driving up the cost of development and maintenance

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Improving an Insurer’s Call Efficiency Through Contact Center Optimization

A leading U.S. personal lines insurer wanted to reduce TCO and improve their level of customer service. They reached out to Atos Syntel for help streamlining their contact center operations to handle calls more efficiently.

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Driving Targeted Marketing With Salesforce CRM Solution

A Fortune 500 financial service provider was looking to enhance its targeted marketing campaign but needed insights into customer spending patterns for a robust plan. The client collaborated with us to generate insights for targeted marketing campaigns for users

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Implementing a Factory Model for Cloud Migration

A leading financial services company needed to improve scalability and agility to maintain their competitive position in the marketplace. They turned to Atos Syntel for help moving a large portfolio of enterprise applications to the cloud.

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