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Create a smart, agile and personalized enterprise for Digital Generation customers.

Digital Services


Atos|Syntel’s Digital One features a suite of services designed to enable you to drive strong business growth and enhanced profitability by integrating Mobility, User Experience, Social Media, Big Data powered Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Microservices and IoT powered connected devices to create a superior customer experience.  Our targeted solutions help your business operate smarter and more efficiently, with the agility to adapt to changing marketplace dynamics.

Atos|Syntel’s digital platform, ATOM, helps customers build the next generation of smart business applications with ready-to-use solution building blocks that improve developer productivity and time to market by 20-40%.

Success Stories

The digital transformation of international shipping experience

Shipment caging is one of the major issues facing the logistics industry today. Almost 50 percent of shipments are caged every day due to improper documentation related either to the origin or destination of the shipment.

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Retailer Records 22% Jump in Home Services Exterior Sales

The client is a Fortune 100 home improvement superstore that was looking to streamline their lead to sale process by developing a new mobile app for its sales teams. It was intended to replace bulky, paper-based product catalogs, order forms and contracts, and capture orders

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Improving Machine Reliability with Real-time Monitoring and Failure Prediction

A large U.S. truck manufacturer was in need of a next generation telematics platform to enable real-time monitoring of their vehicles to prevent unexpected maintenance downtime.

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Transforming a 180-year old Commercial Bank into a Digital Bank

A venerable old bank in the U.K. wanted to build a new digital banking platform to change the way their customers think and manage their money.

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