Take the risk out of modernization with flexible, extensible microservices.

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Accelerate your IT Modernization with Atos Syntel’s Microservices Solutions

Is your business missing out on opportunities due to legacy applications and outdated systems? Are you struggling to kickstart your digital journey despite a firm resolve to do so? Businesses in every industry can face IT obsolescence due to a large backlog of legacy systems.  

The most pressing challenges:

Many organizations today face issues deploying modern IT systems, including:

  • Prohibitive cost of modernizing large monolithic legacy applications 
  • Slow time to market for digital initiatives due to complex back-end integration efforts
  • Low developer productivity using traditional re-engineering approaches 
  • Vendor lock-in for MBaaS (Mobile Backend-as-a-Service) solutions


Key Offerings

Atos Syntel can enable your organization to break out of a rigid legacy approach with flexible, independently deployable microservices applications that allow you to create a modern, integrated technology ecosystem. 

Dedicated CoE

Dedicated Centre of Excellence for Microservices, Containerization and PaaS 

Incremental approach

Low risk, incremental legacy modernization approach, as opposed to large-scale rip and replace


Atos Syntel’s Backend-as-a-Service (BaaS) accelerator, to connect all user touchpoints to your enterprise systems with reusable, built-in digital services

Open source

Developed on Open Source with no technology or vendor lock-in

Extensible framework

Extensible framework to build custom microservices based business processes

Pre-built infrastructure

Pre-built infrastructure for microservices

Re-usable assets

Re-usable assets and artifacts for faster learning curve

Key Benefits

30% Faster Time to Market

20% Reduction in Development Effort

25% Reduction in Operational Cost

Success Stories

Modernizing a Credit Rating Platform with Microservices

A leading U.S. provider of credit ratings, research and risk analysis was looking to consolidate several rating applications and replace their legacy ratings framework. Issue was a monolithic application that faced change management issues and scalability restrictions

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