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Break away from the legacy mindset with a powerful, automated modernization approach

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Fast-track your application modernization with Atos|Syntel’s proven solutions

Legacy applications can be a drain on any enterprise, inhibiting speed to market, driving costs up, and stifling innovation.

The most pressing challenges:

  • Non-scalable, complex systems that are unable to meet the demands of a digital business
  • Steadily rising cost of operations and change implementation
  • Shortage of staff trained on older platforms, and a risk of knowledge loss
  • Lack of flexibility to adapt to changes in business process, market conditions and compliance regulations
  • Heavy technical debt accumulated in the legacy code


Key Offerings

Atos|Syntel’s application modernization services transform businesses into digital enterprises, helping improve business agility, driving down costs, reducing complexity and accelerating time-to-market. Our unique solution supports both “greenfield” and “brownfield” modernization approaches for new platform build.

Transformation Consulting

Establish a roadmap for modernizing legacy applications and systems

Business Re-Architecture

Top-down, outside-in approach that creates business value by eliminating process debt and delivering a corresponding IT solution

IT Re-Architecture

Bottom up, inside-out approach that eliminates technical debt by leveraging legacy assets to create equivalent functionality with advanced technologies

Automated Migration

Rapid, low-cost IT solution that leverages automation to deliver an object-oriented replacement system in modern Java or .Net technology stack

Point Solutions

Meet specific business needs with solutions like Business Rules Extraction, User Interface Modernization, Application Lift and Shift, API-fication, SOA Enablement, Application Decommission, and Legacy to Commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) product modernization

Atos|Syntel’s Exit Legacy platform hosts several solution accelerators that enable modernization of the entire legacy ecosystem, right from application to infrastructure and data. It helps deliver modernization at a faster pace with better quality and reduced risk.

Key Benefits

80% Reduction in Total Cost of Ownership

30% Increase in Modernization Cost and Effort

30–50% Faster Time-to-Market

Transition Towards a Real-Time Enterprise Computing Environment

Business Cycle Time Reduction

Technical Debt Elimination

Reduced Complexity

Improved Agility with Microservices based Architecture

Success Stories

Enabling Growth by Re-architecting a Legacy Securitization System

A Fortune 100 Global Financial Services provider was looking to increase liquidity by selling receivables from card members to investors. However, their IT systems were not aligned and the existing funding application was built on inefficient legacy systems

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Automating the Re-architecture of a Legacy Print Policy System

A leading mutual life insurance company wanted to migrate its legacy print policy system to a modern technology stack in order to keep pace with changing business trends. See how Atos Syntel was able to automate the process for greater efficiency and accuracy.

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Consolidating and Modernizing an Accounts Receivable System

A leading U.S. logistics company was maintaining several Accounts Receivable systems for their different divisions. In order to reduce the total cost of ownership and incorporate new functionality, they wanted to consolidate their A/R systems and create a single repository

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Leveraging Business Rules Extraction To Eliminate Modernization Risk

Our client is a leading North American insurer, wanted to eliminate performance bottlenecks caused by legacy applications, so they set out to modernize business-critical core systems by migrating to new platforms that would enable new technologies to be integrated.

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Modernizing Legacy Healthcare Systems to Enable Business Growth

One of the largest healthcare providers in the U.S. — with over 160 hospitals and 115 freestanding surgery centers — wanted to modernize its legacy systems in order to onboard new hospitals faster than before.

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