Legacy Modernization

Break out of a legacy mindset and stay relevant with digital natives

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Organizations with large, complex legacy environments can find it difficult to keep up with the accelerating pace of business change. To maintain a competitive edge, you must transform legacy applications and technology infrastructure into digital enterprises.

The most pressing challenges:

  • Complex, “spaghetti” systems
  • High platform costs
  • Longer time-to-market
  • Limited scalability
  • Lack of agility and flexibility


Key Offerings

Atos|Syntel’s legacy modernization services transform businesses into digital enterprises, delivering a seamless customer experience that drives higher revenues, improves productivity and reduces cost. Our legacy modernization services operated in three key areas:

Application Modernization

Employ Atos|Syntel’s low-risk, automation-powered application modernization services to deliver loosely coupled, Microservice-based, cloud native applications for improved business agility, reduced complexity and faster time-to-market.
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Cloud Migration

Quickly migrate legacy applications to the cloud with our automated solutions to experience lower infrastructure costs, faster time to market, increased responsiveness and improved scalability and availability.
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Data Modernization

Unlock the knowledge in your legacy databases with modern data architectures that protect your sensitive data while efficiently leveraging it for real-time insights and more effective decision making.
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Key Benefits

Eliminate Technical Debt

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

Reduce Complexity

Improve Agility and Scalability

Faster Time-To-Market

Deliver a Single Source of Truth

Enable Real-time Insights

Success Stories

Modernizing and transforming enterprise insurance systems

In today’s evolving insurance industry, every major player relies heavily on IT systems to issue policies, process claims, and manage billing and other functions. 

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Consolidating and Modernizing an Accounts Receivable System

A leading U.S. logistics company was maintaining several Accounts Receivable systems for their different divisions. In order to reduce the total cost of ownership and incorporate new functionality, they wanted to consolidate their A/R systems and create a single repository

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Improving healthcare business agility with a smart approach to modernization

The rapid development of digital technologies is creating new ways for healthcare companies to transform how they interact with patients. However, this potential cannot be fully realized without a robust digital backbone capable of moving at the speed of your business.

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Implementing a Factory Model for Cloud Migration

A leading financial services company needed to improve scalability and agility to maintain their competitive position in the marketplace. They turned to Atos Syntel for help moving a large portfolio of enterprise applications to the cloud.

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The firm is committed to reducing client technical debt with innovative solutions. The goal is to move client solutions out of the mainframe and into cloud services, to improve efficiency and reduce costs.

HfS Blueprint: IT Infra Management and Enterprise Cloud Services, July 2017

Cited by Forrester as having a "strong emphasis" in all four migration capabilities: Portfolio evaluation/application architecture, Migration Services, Legacy Modernization & Ongoing Applications/Infrastructure Management.

Forrester Vendor Landscape: Cloud Migration Services, March 2017
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