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In the digital age, billions of connected devices make our lives easier and more convenient, but they also increase the risk of losing financial assets, reputations, or even our identities.

For enterprises that rely on a constant flow of data that connects them with customers, the challenges are even greater. New threats emerge every day, and they must take a pre-emptive approach to anticipate cyber threats before they affect business performance.

In addition, it can be difficult to find enough skilled team members to build and implement an effective security strategy, and internal security teams often lack a business-driven perspective.


Key Offerings

Atos|Syntel offers strategic consulting, offensive and defensive security solutions that address these challenges and help reduce the risk of cyber threats — today and well into the future.

Our holistic approach is built on a multi-layered suite of security services for the physical and logical components of your IT environment, including:

Strategic Consulting

Establish a robust security strategy and architecture, and educate your stakeholders with training, continuous education and certification.

Red Team Testing

Thoroughly assess vulnerabilities with offensive security and penetration testing from an attacker’s perspective.

Application Security

Implement DevSecOps and other techniques to create secure applications and systems on legacy, web, cloud, mobile and IoT technologies.

Identity and Access Management

Ensure the right access is provided to the right individuals at the right times for the right reasons.

Infrastructure and IT Security

Keep your business secure from all types of vulnerabilities with services like malware analysis, endpoint security, IDaaS and network auditing.

Data Security

Protect your critical business and customer data from destructive forces and actions by unauthorized or malicious users.

Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)

Take a holistic approach to designing and managing your corporate governance, enterprise risk management and regulatory compliance activities.

Key Benefits

Early detection and remediation of vulnerabilities

30% improvement in security service operations

30% reduction in analysis efforts

80% reduction in SME time

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