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Accelerate application testing to get your enterprise moving at digital speed.

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Applications are being developed at unprecedented speeds thanks to Agile development, DevOps, continuous delivery and lean software development methodologies. However, traditional testing is often unable to keep pace with the development cycle times, leading to delayed rollouts or inadequate application risk assessments.

As a result, organizations may lose out on opportunities or face revenue loss due to bugs in their software applications. Continuous testing helps mitigate these risks, ensuring higher quality and faster time to market for software applications.

The most pressing challenges:

The absence of a continuous testing approach and methodology can create a number of challenges for today's businesses, such as:

  • Constraints on business agility, which can affect digital initiatives
  • Slow speed to market and high cost of Waterfall-based testing 
  • Testing practices that are incompatible with Agile development
  • Inability to meet quality standards in rapid sprints


Key Offerings

Atos|Syntel’s mature, innovative approach to continuous testing, coupled with proven technology tools can help your organization overcome manual testing hurdles.

Agile CoE

Agile testing CoE, using scaled distributed Agile

Automated Testing

Automated testing with SyntBots® automation platform

Integration with DevOps

Integrating continuous testing with the DevOps lifecycle

Managed Services

SLA-driven managed services based on number of releases

Quality Engineering

Designed to enable quality engineering and DevOps

Digital Testing

Support for digital and Big Data testing 

Industry-specific Testing

Industry-specific Business Process Test Repositories for faster implementation

Automation for COTS

Automation frameworks for major Commercial off-the-Shelf (COTS) software packages

Key Benefits

40% Faster Time to Market

50% Defect Leakage Reduction

Early Automation through Automated Test Design and Execution

30%+ Cost Reduction

Success Stories

Implementing End-to-end Test Automation to Bring New Products to Market Faster

A global cards and payments company needed an end-to-end solution to automate test case creation, test data management, test script creation and maintenance to help reduce the overall testing effort, increase test coverage and improve quality.

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Reducing Performance Testing Costs by 30% For a Retail Giant

America’s second-largest general retailer was facing major problems with application performance. Their multi-vendor strategy enabled them to handle application development and testing, but led to ad hoc release cycles and integration issues.

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Partnering to Deliver Business Transformation and Efficiency

Back in 2001, a Fortune 100 logistics company was looking for help testing their applications and optimizing costs. They chose us to deliver skill-based testing services, which became the beginning of a collaboration

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