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Deliver Improved Customer Experience with BizOps from Atos|Syntel

In an increasingly competitive business landscape, organizations need to integrate their business processes to provide a seamless customer experience. Business Operations (or BizOps) solutions help organizations achieve tight-knit process and technology integration across all their business functions to deliver improved customer experiences. 

The most pressing challenges:

  • High cost of business operations
  • Manual labor intensive processes
  • Accuracy (99% is not good enough)
  • Slow cycle times
  • Scalability and availability
  • Data security threats
  • Process diversification (multiple regions/languages)


Key Offerings

Atos|Syntel’s SyntBots® automation platform integrated cutting edge technologies such as rule-based automation, machine learning, Natural Language Processing, pattern recognition and predictive analytics to transform business processes for customers. Our end-to-end BizOps solutions help you improve efficiency, quality and speed in a low-risk, "as a service" model.

Unified platform

Atos|Syntel delivers BizOps using a unified platform built on Openstack technology for a proven, mature automation approach

Intelligent Process Discovery

SyntBots Process recorder documents processes at keystroke level, creates business process maps with BPMN 2.0 notations, performs time and motion analysis, and recommends processes for automation

Intelligent Automation

We enable a sustainable, self-funding transformation approach driven by intelligent automation

Tangible Business Outcomes

Our services are designed to deliver tangible business outcomes, not empty metrics

Key Benefits

60% Faster Cycle Time

Accuracy as high as 100%

Analytics-driven Business Insights

Up to 60% Cost Savings

Up to 75% Gain in Productivity

SLA Performance Decoupled from Headcount

Success Stories

Atos Syntel helps Automate UK Based Multinational General Insurance Company’s Contact Center Operations

A UK based multinational general insurance company was looking to reduce its operational expenditure and deliver improved customer experience through process automation.

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SyntBots® Helps Leading Financial Regulator with Successful Digital Transformation

A leading European regulator of retail and wholesale financial services was modernizing its web portal, which details financial conduct guidelines. We leveraged SyntBots® for DevOps to support the migration of more than 20,000 web pages with 100% accuracy.

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