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Scale up your application development with scaled Agile solutions from Atos|Syntel

Enterprises can no longer afford long turnaround times for new software releases. Time to market is shrinking at an unprecedented pace, and bug tolerance is lower than ever. To meet these needs, Atos|Syntel offers G-Agile, a scaled distributed Agile framework that supports Agile and lean software and systems development at an enterprise scale, helping you achieve quality and speed to market.

The challenges organizations face:

  • Issues becoming flexible enough to meet Digital Age demands
  • Slow speed to market and high cost of traditional Waterfall testing model
  • Testing team structure not compatible with Agile development
  • Quality standards not met in rapid sprints
  • Non-standard reference architectures 
  • Lack of automated application delivery

How can Atos|Syntel help?

  • Implement an Agile testing CoE using G-Agile
  • Enable automated testing with SyntBots® 
  • Integrate continuous testing with the DevOps lifecycle
  • SLA-driven managed services based on number of releases
  • End-to-end tool chain integration

How is our solution unique?

  • SyntBots intelligent automation for continuous integration and DevOps
  • G-Agile process framework employs the Global Delivery Model for greater speed
  • Designed for Quality Engineering and DevOps

What outcomes can we deliver?

  • 40% faster time to market
  • 30%+ cost reduction
  • 50% defect leakage reduction
  • Early automation – automated test design & execution

Success Stories

Agile Transformation at a Leading U.S. Healthcare Payer

The client is a leading healthcare payer that needed to improve time to market in order to meet frequently changing compliance requirements. We helped educate the client about the benefits of Agile development and created an distributed Agile model to meet their needs.

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