Senior Software Engineer - OGL94

Reports to company headquarters in Irving, TX. Perform technical aspects of Software development which includes analyzing, designing, coding, troubleshooting, monitoring, quality control engineering and implement system software/business process. Gather and analyze user requirements which includes the study of procedures to understand business goals and corresponding purposes by breaking down the components to learn how they interact. Implement business and system solutions using knowledge of platforms, frameworks, Agile methodology, products and/or tools. Develop tools, APIs, automated scripts, operational enhancements in support of business applications based on industry trends. Investigate and resolved complex, multi-faceted issues spanning the entire technology stack, which requires effective collaboration across team and technology boundaries. Develop business applications using technologies, such as Cool: Gen, REXX, JAVA/J2EE, Webservices, Mainframes, Cloud tools, DEVOPS tools, Automation, Validation, Software or User Acceptance testing, Data Security or Microservices. Provide technology inputs/technical strategy and performs systems upgrade, maintenance, migrations, test data management and database modifications. Engage in substantial long-term and/or short-term travel and/or relocation to unanticipated client locations throughout the U.S. to join established, operating onsite project teams with close, frequent supervision by the manager. Liaise with clients and internal teams to identify routine issues and keep stakeholders updated on project deliverables. Identify opportunities to reuse strategic components and reduce over-customization. REQUIREMENTS: Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science, Engineering (any), or related. Five (5) years of experience designing and developing information systems, or related. Four (4) years of experience with the following: Designing and developing using Cool: Gen, REXX; Restful API development, Webservices including SOAP, REST, JSON, XML; Java/J2EE, Object oriented programming, RDMS database; Spring or any web MVC frameworks, Microservices; Using versioning tools such as SVN and GIT; CI/CD pipelines such as Jenkins, Maven, GitLab, GitHub, Bitbucket; COBOL, DB2 and IMS programming. And three (3) years of experience with DEVOPS/Cloud/IBM toolsets including Docker, SonarQube, ISPW.

Reports to company headquarters in Irving TX. Will work at various unknown client sites throughout the U.S. for up to 100% of the time. Must be willing to travel anywhere in the U.S. and may be assigned to work at client sites across the U.S. Can work remotely or telecommute.

EOE. 8AM to 5PM. M-F. 40. hrs/wk.

Job ID OGL94.

TO APPLY: Send resume to Reference Job ID OGL94 in subject of the subject of the email.

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