Reskilling in the Digital Era

October 10, 2019 - The Times Of PAMAC

This is the era of a digitally connected world, which has brought with it high expectations for the customer experience. Customers are looking for an enhanced experience everywhere, and companies are competing to retain and acquire more customers by providing an enhanced digital experience.

Tried and tested business models are being disrupted in every industry by non-traditional players. As an IT services company, we see our clients facing disruption through the advent of automation, AI and digital start-ups. Unless companies transform themselves into digital organizations, their survival is at stake. At the core of the digital revolution are people — not just technology. Today, many organizations have embarked on a digital transformation journey with interventions to retrain their workforce, bridge the skills gap, and build new capabilities.

The biggest challenge for most organizations is to motivate employees to move out of their comfort zones, undergo relevant learning interventions, and stretch themselves to move into challenging new roles. Most struggle with how to create a ‘pull’ factor (rather than a ‘push’ factor) to acquire new and relevant skills for the future. This is a huge change management exercise that requires a very different kind of leadership and mindset to bring about meaningful change.

At Atos Syntel, we anticipated this challenge and focused our attention on how to build a culture of learning — rather than just set of organization-wide training programs. Our efforts led to an advanced digital workforce transformation framework called ‘X.0.’ The X.0 framework was designed to get closer to our customers, make our organization more agile, and develop the skills and capabilities to constantly evolve and stay ahead of the market.