Atos Delivers Faster Cloud Adoption with New SyntBots Accelerators for Pivotal Platform

Paris, France

October 9, 2019 - Atos

Atos, a global leader in digital transformation, today announced that its SyntBots® intelligent automation platform has been upgraded with a suite of migration accelerators to enable its clients to quickly deploy enterprise workloads on Pivotal Application Service (PAS) and Pivotal Container Service (PKS). Pivotal Software, Inc. (NYSE:PVTL) is a leading cloud-native platform provider that combines cloud-native platforms, developer tools, and unique methodology.


The enhancements include integrated automation tools for Pivotal products that significantly improve migration quality and consistency, helping businesses execute large-scale migrations from legacy to open source-based platforms in an expedited time frame.


According to Ashok Balasubramanian, CTO of Atos Business & Platform Solutions, one of the main challenges for enterprise IT departments today is the tedious task of reviewing large application portfolios and planning how to deploy their limited resources most effectively.


“SyntBots removes roadblocks to cloud adoption by enabling companies to plan, staff and execute cloud migration projects far more efficiently. The new features we have rolled out can analyze hundreds of applications within a matter of hours, reducing application analysis time by 95% and cutting code remediation efforts in half. We have already deployed these features for a number of our clients, and the results have enabled them to become a disruptive force in their marketplace by virtue of a significant speed and scalability advantage.”


By using SyntBots intelligent automation platform businesses can refactor a wide range of application types, and quickly design, build and deploy secure, scalable cloud applications on the Pivotal Platform. The enhanced speed and quality delivered by SyntBots brings businesses benefits of a reduced time to market, faster deployment of new product features, and higher monetization.


Nick Cayou, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships at Pivotal said:
“The faster companies can migrate their applications to the Pivotal Platform, the faster they can enjoy a 78% increase in operational efficiency and 92% less time to patch operating systems. With SyntBots, Atos is helping customers migrate the long-tail of applications, freeing up resources to transform their business with cloud-native application patterns and user-centered design. Atos brings a complete solution for migration and modernization, which is what customers need.”