Success Stories

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Digital Services

20% Revenue for a Specialty Retailer

Syntel has helped one of the world’s largest music instrument retailer achieve 20% increase in revenues by implementing omnichannel operations and multichannel delivery capabilities.

25% Savings in SCO for a Retailer

Syntel helped a leading direct marketer of novelties and party supplies achieve 25% savings from supply chain operations and over 10% reduction in annual shipping costs.  

Developing an Interactive Mobile App for a Retail Chain

North America’s largest private department store chain turned to Syntel to simplify store consultation and make it a less labor-intensive task. See how we did it.

95% faster acquisitions for a Retailer

Atos Syntel has helped one of the largest home improvement chains and the second largest retailer in the U.S. achieve 95% faster customer association, enabling reduced time to market for campaigns.

11% Increase in Customer Retention for a Retailer

Atos Syntel helped a leading music instrument retailer achieve 11% increase in customer retention.

Digital Transformation for Insurance Company

Atos Syntel helped a leading insurance company with a roadmap to digitally transform and enhance user experience.

Integrated Digital Experience (IDE) Program for a Health Insurance Firm

Atos Syntel helped a large managed healthcare company enhance and personalize customer experience with capabilities, communications, and channels tailored to segments.

Social Promotion Platform for Global Credit Card Company

Atos Syntel helped a diversified global financial services company leverage the social media network to launch an s-commerce experience, personalize customer engagements, and generate new avenues of business.

Multi-Channel Delivery for Printing Services

Atos Syntel helped a leading chain of stores offer multichannel delivery of printing services while providing a consistent and enriched user experience.

Consumer Analytics and personalization for a global retailer

Atos Syntel helped a leading retailer of home improvement products in the U.S. to create a personalized user experience for its customers, identify duplicates, as well as decouple records, and develop a single view of the customer journey.