Success Stories

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Digital Services

Implemented a Medical Banking Platform for a Large Bank

Enhance transaction processing by developing a clearing house for providers and payers, and synchronize disparate data formats, mechanisms, and systems for medical banking.

Helped a Fortune 100 Financial Services Company to Migrate to Azure

The client, was struggling to make development and test environments available to various LOBs causing delay in time to market, so they wanted to modernize their IT landscape and avoid such bottlenecks.

Helped a Financial Services Client Launch Merchant Portal on Public Cloud

Atos Syntel helped a leading financial services company build a highly secure personalized merchant dashboard with role-based information with infinitely scalable infrastructure on Cloud.

Accelerated DevOps for a Leading Insurer Using SyntBots®

Atos Syntel helped a leading Canadian insurer by leveraging SyntBots® for DevOps solution to create an automated build and deploy process.

SyntBots® Streamlines Transaction Monitoring Systems Integration

Atos Syntel helped a Fortune 100 financial company incorporated a transaction monitoring system using SyntBots for IT Operations platform.

SyntBots® Enables DevOps Automation for a Leading Financial Services Provider

The client engaged Atos Syntel to help deploy applications in technologies such as Java and .Net, but manual work was impacting time to market. See how our DevOps automation services accelerated their process.

Leveraged SyntBots® to Boost DevOps Efficiency by 18% for a Logistics Giant

Our client wanted us to create a centralized build and release process as they were finding it difficult to handle over 90 systems. They lacked defined processes to check code quality and compliance, and faced delayed timelines caused by manual intervention.

Reduced Effort Invested in Shipment Creation and Tracking by 86% with SyntBots®

Our client, a leading global logistics company, was looking to streamline the process of shipment number creation and tracking. The client has shipment locations in 50 countries, which generate this date for millions of shipments. A single error can lead to hours of spent

Leveraged SyntBots® to Build Automation Processes for Credit Rating Agency

Atos Syntel helped a top US credit rating agency automate cumbersome, lengthy manual processes and create a centralized environment for application build on SyntBots® automation platform.

SyntBots® Helped a Retail Giant Deliver Over 90% Reduction in Testing Cycle Time

Atos Syntel helped a large courier delivery company create a freight inspection tool that helped identify shipments which lacked user information and maintain inspection data in a single source data store.