Success Stories

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Digital Services

Integrated Digital Experience (IDE) Program for a Health Insurance Firm

Atos Syntel helped a large managed healthcare company enhance and personalize customer experience with capabilities, communications, and channels tailored to segments.

Social Promotion Platform for Global Credit Card Company

Atos Syntel helped a diversified global financial services company leverage the social media network to launch an s-commerce experience, personalize customer engagements, and generate new avenues of business.

Multi-Channel Delivery for Printing Services

Atos Syntel helped a leading chain of stores offer multichannel delivery of printing services while providing a consistent and enriched user experience.

Consumer Analytics and personalization for a global retailer

Atos Syntel helped a leading retailer of home improvement products in the U.S. to create a personalized user experience for its customers, identify duplicates, as well as decouple records, and develop a single view of the customer journey.

Client Analytics for an Investment Bank

Atos Syntel helped a large investment bank implement client analytics to increase their revenue and market share.

Helping a Retailer Implement ConText for Sentiment Analysis

The client is a home improvement retailer that had no mechanism to identify the voice of the customer. Customer sentiment data was disorganized. See how Atos Syntel was able to unlock and analyze their unstructured data to provide real business insights.

Helped an Insurance Company to Predict Probability of Policy Lapse

Identify attributes that influence policy premium payments and construct a model to predict the expected duration of policy or survival time using historical lapsed policy data for model calibration.

Helped Insurance Company Rollout Usage-based Offers Using Analytics

Formulate usage based-insurance by capturing driving behavior data to encourage safe driving practices. Based on the driving behavior of customers client wanted to offer discount on insurance premium and identify high-risk customers.

Helping a Travel Firm Define a Digital Roadmap and Rationalize their Portfolio

The client needed to consolidate multiple reservation systems and 30+ satellite applications onto a new scalable and reliable SOA-based online reservation platform. See how Atos Syntel enabled the project to really take off.

Implementing an API Platform for a Large Health Payer

The client, a healthcare payer, wanted a simple and flexible API management platform to enable their data to be  accessed by internal teams, business partners, and third-party developers to create a secure, interconnected ecosystem of stakeholders.