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Digital Services

Modernizing a Freight Inspection System

A large U.S. Logistics and Courier company was leaving additional revenue opportunities on the table, because of an inadequate process for inspecting freight packages. The client needed a system with the ability to support the quick and accurate inspection of freight packages.

Enhanced Testing with Atos Syntel’s Test Data Setup Solution

A Fortune 500 credit card and financial services company was struggling with the transformation of its existing Waterfall Testing model into an Agile platform. The company also lacked sufficient test data to support its testing needs. Atos Syntel partnered with this client to create a test data setup and designed an end-to-end connectivity plan to solve the client...

Atos Syntel’s Successful Journey with Leading Provider of Airline Services

The client is a leading provider of airline passenger, cargo handling, flight operation, and aircraft maintenance software. Since 2008, Atos Syntel has been helping them develop a multitude of applications. See how we helped them get their solutions off the ground.

Syntbots® Powered Security Operations Center (Managed Services)

An U.S. credit rating agency wanted to optimize information security operations in managed services. We leveraged SyntBots® to set up a central security operations team and helped them free up bandwidth and focus on their ever-changing information/cyber security challenges.

Streamlining Merchant Account Setup Function for a Global Financial Services Major

The client is a U.S.-based Fortune 100 global leader in financial services. Its principal products and services include credit payment cards and travel-related services offered to consumers and businesses worldwide to improve their business. 

Cost-effective Solutions to Enable Salesforce Data Availability for a Leading Credit Rating Agency

A premier credit rating agency was using a contract management add-on tool on Salesforce to generate agreement records for its employees. The client was looking for cost effective alternatives as the number of infrequent Salesforce users was very high.

Boosting Sales with Atos Syntel's Solutions for Salesforce

Customer engagement is a key indicator of business performance, improvement and customer-centricity. A leading life insurance company wanted to improve customer service by automating its policy order lifecycle system. See how we implemented a cloud-based platform to reduce time-to-market and meet dynamic business requirements.

Future-ready Solution for Sales Contact Center on Salesforce CRM Platform

Our client is a leading provider of financial services to credit unions and valued customers worldwide. It provides innovative commercial and consumer insurance and protection products to safeguard customers

Maximizing Reach and Revenue from Marketing Campaigns

An American investment bank offered discounts to customers shopping with small businesses through an app-based campaign that also connected merchants with customers with innovative location-based features. See how Atos Syntel providing the technical expertise

B2B Interaction Made Easy with Atos Syntel’s Solution

Our client is a leading financial services organization. The client wanted an automated solution for their sales representatives to be able to get quick approvals on the exclusive discounts they offer in order to acquire and retain customers.