Success Stories

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Digital Services

Harnessing Digital Technologies to Enhance Product Delivery Options and Increase Customer Satisfaction

Our client is a popular US-based home improvement company. The client already has a strong and loyal following, however, was looking to offer better services primarily through its online channel.

Customer Acquisition Using Digital

Our client is a customer’s favorite brand in the US with a loyal customer base. Besides having physical stores, the client wanted to build an online platform to increase reach and acquire new customers.

Creating Loss Prevention Dashboards for Retailers With MicroStrategy Reports

Learn how Atos Syntel employed MicroStrategy reporting to enable a retailer to increase profitability by keeping a closer eye on losses due to favors, promotional deals, and shrinkage.

Leveraging Business Rules Extraction To Eliminate Modernization Risk

Our client is a leading North American insurer, wanted to eliminate performance bottlenecks caused by legacy applications, so they set out to modernize business-critical core systems by migrating to new platforms that would enable new technologies to be integrated.

80% TAT reduction for a home retailer

Atos Syntel helped one of the world's largest retailers achieve an 80% reduction in the time to roll out new applications. See how we did it.

35% Reduction in IT Cost for a Music Instruments Retailer

Syntel has helped one of the world’s largest music instruments retailer with over 256 stores across the U.S. achieve 35% reduction in IT cost.

40% uptime improvement for Retailer

Atos Syntel has helped one of the world’s largest music instruments retailer with multichannel operations in over 256 stores across the U.S. to achieve 40% improvement in uptime.

Centralized CDM for a Retail chain

Syntel has helped one of the world's largest home improvement chain and second largest retailer in the U.S. achieve centralized data management.

POS legacy modernization for US Retailer

Syntel helped one of the leading furniture manufacturers and retailers, with over 400 stores globally, achieve POS legacy modernization.

20% Revenue for a Specialty Retailer

Syntel has helped one of the world’s largest music instrument retailer achieve 20% increase in revenues by implementing omnichannel operations and multichannel delivery capabilities.