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Digital Services

Improving last-mile delivery capacity and speed for the world’s leading logistics company

Customers have high expectations when it comes to last-mile deliveries. Retailers and logistics companies must fulfill the expected demand of customers through innovative technological solutions such as multi-carrier policy, the gig economy and crowdsourcing for on-demand drivers

Opening a new line of business for a US auto parts retailer

There has never been a time of greater change for the “last mile”. Consumers order more things online, expecting more control and faster delivery.

Reducing financial risk with an AI-powered approach to incident resolution

Financial firms are more reliant than ever on technology. Any issues with underlying IT operations have the potential to snowball and seriously impact the business — affecting everything from consumer accounts to employees trying to perform routine daily tasks. The results can include lost revenue, lost productivity and even damage to the brand.

Helping global banks manage enterprise risk in a challenging business environment

Today, the increased scale of business requires banks to have a comprehensive, integrated, scalable risk management system in order to manage their exposure to losses. Digitizing and optimizing the risk function lets banks assess risk earlier, make quality risk decisions, avoid compliance violations and create tangible business value.

Giving financial services firms an edge with AI and intelligent automation

In the financial services industry, every slight advantage over the competition can pay dividends. With billions of transactions flowing through the financial system daily, every fraction of a penny saved or every second shaved off a critical process can add up to a critical advantage. In this highly competitive environment, there is no room for inefficiency.

Enabling insurers to grow by modernizing and implementing self-healing IT infrastructure

Global mergers and acquisitions are becoming commonplace in the insurance industry. To withstand volatile financial markets and economic uncertainty, insurers are focused on increasing market share, optimizing their operations, and improving the customer experience. One sure-fire way to succeed in this disruptive era is to streamline and modernize your IT infrastructure.

Implementing a fully integrated healthcare provider network

Today’s healthcare providers are reimagining every aspect of the business in order to facilitate transformation — including business processes, customer touchpoints as well as core systems and infrastructure modernization.

Improving productivity with automated DevSecOps for a global logistics company

In order to create customer loyalty to their products and solutions, the client needed to implement new business-critical applications and ensure that customers quickly get the latest updates and upgrades.

Post Marketing Surveillance and Periodic Safety Update Reporting for a pharmaceutical and medical device company

A multinational specialty pharmaceutical and medical device company needed help managing the implementation of Post Marketing Surveillance (PMS) systems across five different business units (lens care, ophthalmic, surgical, aesthetics and pharma devices) in order to meet EU MDR requirements before the May 2020 deadline.

EU MDR labeling gap assessment for a Fortune 500 healthcare services company

When a Fortune 500 pharmaceutical and medical device distribution company acquired a medical device business, they needed to quickly re-brand the products while ensuring EU MDR compliance.