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Digital Services

Progressive Web Applications (PWA): The Next Big Thing in Digital Engagement

The remarkable growth in global smartphone usage has made mobile the leading digital platform today. Total activity on smartphones and tablets now accounts for two-thirds of all time spent on the web, and smartphone apps alone now take up roughly half of that time.

API Management Platforms - Digital Glue in the API economy

The digital revolution is disrupting industries and organizations. APIs provide a strong technology foundation for rapid transformations and to drive innovation.

The Digital Insurer: Creating a Blueprint for the Future

Digital solutions are impacting customer decisions like never before, making customers even more aware, connected, and demanding. Insurers have an opportunity to offer customer-centric solutions and overcome traditional industry challenges.

Atos Syntel’s Microsoft Azure Practice Overview

Digital transformation has become a key strategy for any enterprise enabling businesses to deliver better customer experience and more value to stakeholders. You need the right partner to help meet you digital requirements with Microsoft Azure.

Atos Syntel’s Smart Pharma Solution - Improving Quality of Life for Patients

In today’s world, digital innovation in life sciences predominantly focuses on consumers and external collaboration. Our Smart Pharma solution takes the next step, delivering a comprehensive digital platform that empowers patients, pharmacists and pharma companies