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Digital Services

Power your Business Transformation with Atos Syntel’s Pega Platform Offerings

An organization’s ability to gain customer mindshare depends on its ability to deliver a unique customer experience. We helps enterprises transform their core business processes by combining our BPM capabilities and the power of the Pega Platform.

Streamline Report Generation with Atos Syntel’s Client Reporting as a Service (CRaaS)

A rapidly evolving business environment puts pressure on global financial firms on asset managers and regulatory pressure on the banking industry. However, the growing global middle income and high net worth individual (HNI) markets have created new opportunities

Atos Syntel's Duck Creek Capabilities

An efficient product platform is at the core of a carrier’s IT landscape. A modern, agile, and function rich platform helps insurers deliver a differentiated customer experience, streamline operations, and lower costs.

Achieve Faster ROI, Better Quality and Lower Operational Costs with G-Agile

With increased consumerism and competition, enterprises must adapt to changing business conditions and keep productivity high. It's more important than ever to adopt Agile methodologies, but the transition can be difficult. Learn about Atos Syntel's solution.

Take Services Business to the Next Level With Financial Force

IT departments spend a lot of time giving other people visibility into data. Integrated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is expensive, but can improve customer satisfaction and overall customer service levels.

Atos Syntel’s Integrated Solutions for Efficient Supplier Management

Comprehensive global supplier management is integral to lower procurement cost, competitive bidding, better quality products and global presence for manufacturers.

Leverage SynCollaborate for Seamless Product Development and Better Manufacturer-Supplier Collaboration

Managing suppliers is a key function in the manufacturing lifecycle. It has become imperative for manufacturing companies to involve suppliers early in the development process for improved quality and reduced cost of product development.

Enhancing B2C interactions with Salesforce CRM

The client is a leading credit union that was using CRM to track and maintain interactions and sell products. They wanted to group members of the same household to appear as a single entity for easier decision making. Here's the solutions we offered.

Enterprise Architecture Assessment and Set-Up

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is not just an approach to fix a single problem, it helps develop an entire ecosystem to run the business smoothly.

Achieve Improved Business Performance with Atos Syntel’s SharePoint Services

Collaboration and social networking can help achieve the productivity and performance required in the Digital Age. That's why Atos Syntel offers a low-risk solution to effectively migrate your content management systems to SharePoint.