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Digital Services

SyntBots Process Recorder: Process Engineering for the Modern Enterprise

Atos Syntel’s platform agnostic desktop tool captures user actions to create activity maps for improved documentation, business process workflows and time and motion studies.

Digitizing Business Processes: The Key to Digital Transformation

Digitizing business processes is a key step for any enterprise in its digital transformation. Fragmented or inconsistent business processes can result in poor customer experience and increase risk with slow implementation of regulatory compliance measures.

BizOps for Warranty and Claims Business Operations

For today’s manufacturers, warranty and claims operations are not limited to warranty registrations and processing claims for traditional mechanical devices, but also for new products and embedded technologies. Are your processes up to the task?

Achieve Faster ROI, Better Quality and Lower Operational Costs with G-Agile

With increased consumerism and competition, enterprises must adapt to changing business conditions and keep productivity high. It's more important than ever to adopt Agile methodologies, but the transition can be difficult. Learn about Atos Syntel's solution.

BizOps Automation: Transforming Processes for the Digital Age

Every enterprise recognizes the value of streamlining and integrating business systems and workflows, but few are satisfied with their current business process integration. Despite the solutions available, true process automation remains elusive.

Atos Syntel’s Integrated Solutions for Efficient Supplier Management

Comprehensive global supplier management is integral to lower procurement cost, competitive bidding, better quality products and global presence for manufacturers.

Transforming to a Digital Healthcare Enterprise through Atos Syntel’s hDigitalTx

The dimensions and scale of the challenges faced by healthcare providers. Now the industry has models in which care is delivered by teams rather than individuals. In this new setting, digital, analytics and social media are important value creators.

Atos Syntel’s Regulatory Reporting Solution for Financial Companies

Effective data management and robust reporting help financial organizations reduce risk and achieve a better view of their company. See how Atos Syntel can help implement efficient, effective and fully compliant reporting at minimal cost.

Ensure Faster STP in Trade Settlements with SyntBots® powered Accelerators

Trading processes can handle millions of transactions per second, but settlement takes longer. When profits are based on how fast and precisely investment decisions are made, trade lifecycle operations must be lean and accurate. See how we do it.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs and Improve Business Performance with Atos Syntel

Enterprises worldwide are constantly under pressure to reduce their IT infrastructure costs and complexity. At the same time they need to be agile and flexible to drive business performance and time to market.