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Digital Services

Healthcare Product Testing Made Easy with Atos Syntel’s Testing Framework

EMR and EHR systems are highly complex and change frequently. To keep your teams focused on core patient care, Atos Syntel’s Product Testing Framework accelerates testing, boosts efficiency, and provides complete test coverage without burdening your experts.

Achieve Faster ROI, Better Quality and Lower Operational Costs with G-Agile

With increased consumerism and competition, enterprises must adapt to changing business conditions and keep productivity high. It's more important than ever to adopt Agile methodologies, but the transition can be difficult. Learn about Atos Syntel's solution.

Driving Seamless System Performance with Innovative Application Testing Solutions

As organizations look to streamline their IT landscape, they face pressing challenges by the increase in size, complexity and integration of business applications.

Automate Testing for Faster & Efficient ETL

Extract Transform and Load (ETL) operations are challenging for many reasons -- huge volumes, complex data attributes, and unclear requirements among others. Learn how we automate ETL processes to enhance efficiency and reduce turnaround time.

Atos Syntel’s Test Environment Management Solution

Testing is critical to high quality applications, testing is a crucial phase.

Reduce Infrastructure Costs and Improve Business Performance with Atos Syntel

Enterprises worldwide are constantly under pressure to reduce their IT infrastructure costs and complexity. At the same time they need to be agile and flexible to drive business performance and time to market.

Be First to Market with Atos Syntel’s Test Design Accelerator

With the Digital Age increasing demands for quality at speed, many IT organizations find it difficult to deliver projects on schedule while keeping costs down and quality high. See how our innovative Test Design Accelerator can make that a reality for you.

Easy Product Testing with Atos Syntel’s Product Testing Framework

Software delivery teams must deliver cost effective solutions with flawless quality, but legacy systems, stringent regulations, and new standards make testing challenging and expensive. Learn how Atos Syntel can make your testing simpler, faster and risk-free.

DevOps: Accelerating Application Release Velocity

Application Services providers need to remediate their strategies for better process maturity, technology consolidation, and consistent deployment, while adhering to appropriate metrics.

Deliver "Quality with Speed" with Atos Syntel's Continuous Testing Services

Digital disruption has increased the pressure to deliver quality at digital speed, but traditional QA models are not up to the task. Atos Syntel’s Continuous Testing services can address this volatility with a comprehensive managed outcome delivery model.