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Digital Services

Unleash enterprise potential with Atos|Syntel’s MIII solution

The rapid evolution of disruptive technologies and the entrance of new digital players is forcing traditional businesses to adapt and transform.

Evolve The Core: Create a Digital-ready Enterprise with Legacy System Modernization

Large legacy systems once gave big enterprises a distinct advantage in terms of capacity and scalability.

Data Modernization - Unleash the power of your data

In the Digital Age, incredible amounts of valuable data are generated every second from countless sources in every format imaginable. See Atos Syntel's solution for maximizing the value of this mountain of data.

Application modernization services

Application modernization is critical to any successful digital transformation.

Overcome the Challenges of Business Rules Extraction in Legacy Modernization

Modernization projects are challenging for a number of reasons, but the most common is a failure to extract all the business rules from a system. Learn how we can help avoid functionality shortfalls that delay deployment and cause business disruption. 

Achieve Faster ROI, Better Quality and Lower Operational Costs with G-Agile

With increased consumerism and competition, enterprises must adapt to changing business conditions and keep productivity high. It's more important than ever to adopt Agile methodologies, but the transition can be difficult. Learn about Atos Syntel's solution.

Atos Syntel’s Integrated Solutions for Efficient Supplier Management

Comprehensive global supplier management is integral to lower procurement cost, competitive bidding, better quality products and global presence for manufacturers.

Exit Legacy:Atos Syntel’s Solution for Faster, Cheaper, Low Risk Legacy Transformation

Legacy software is embedded in customer organizations with extreme complexity. The problems with legacy applications are lack of agility, skills shortage, and high costs. In the new digital era, agile, proactive, and flexible IT systems are the key to business growth.

Atos Syntel’s Medicare and Medicaid Services

Medicare and Medicaid spending growth is the fastest among healthcare segments. With increasing volume and shrinking margins, payers need to keep operating costs low, while maintaining compliance with regulations.

Collaborating for Patient Centric Healthcare

 Patient centric care is at the core of nearly every debate in healthcare. Learm more about Atos Syntel's prescription for changes that industry stakeholders need to undergo in order to achieve the goal of true patient centricity.