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Digital Services

A New Prescription for Regulatory Compliance:Atos Syntel’s Intelligent Regulatory Services Platform

Global life sciences companies are facing exceptional business pressure. In today’s evolving regulatory environment, new directives and regulations increasingly pose not just a long term need, but a real-time operational challenge as well.

Evolving to Next Generation Clinical Data Management Services

With 40% of drugs going off patent in the near future and increased pressure on the payer sector, the life sciences industry today needs to innovate in order to succeed.

Improving Availability and Agility with Application Management Solutions

Application Management has shifted from a focus on schedule, cost, and efficiency to modern software metrics like speed, quality and value. These new metrics are shaping application management, and Atos Syntel has a prescription to get your enterprise up to speed.

Atos Syntel’s Unified Warranty Management and Analytics Solution on Salesforce

Warranty management and analytics systems are complex, and are driven by a large number of business rules. With these types of legacy systems, any addition or modification to the hard-coded business rules can require a substantial development effort

BizOps for Warranty and Claims Business Operations

For today’s manufacturers, warranty and claims operations are not limited to warranty registrations and processing claims for traditional mechanical devices, but also for new products and embedded technologies. Are your processes up to the task?

Streamline Report Generation with Atos Syntel’s Client Reporting as a Service (CRaaS)

A rapidly evolving business environment puts pressure on global financial firms on asset managers and regulatory pressure on the banking industry. However, the growing global middle income and high net worth individual (HNI) markets have created new opportunities

Application modernization services

Application modernization is critical to any successful digital transformation.

Atos Syntel's Duck Creek Capabilities

An efficient product platform is at the core of a carrier’s IT landscape. A modern, agile, and function rich platform helps insurers deliver a differentiated customer experience, streamline operations, and lower costs.

Atos Syntel's Duck Creek Upgrade Services

The latest Duck Creek version (6.x) offers enhanced performance, new features and an integrated suite. Atos Syntel’s customized methodology provides the fastest path to a successful upgrade.

Overcome the Challenges of Business Rules Extraction in Legacy Modernization

Modernization projects are challenging for a number of reasons, but the most common is a failure to extract all the business rules from a system. Learn how we can help avoid functionality shortfalls that delay deployment and cause business disruption.