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Digital Services

Transform your Front Office Process with Atos Syntel’s Charles River Solutions

Buy-side firms are under pressure from regulators, investors and shareholders to speed up trades, enable trade data analytics and enhance compliance.

Power your business transformation with Atos Syntel’s Pega solutions

Customer centricity and business agility are at the heart of every organization’s digital transformation journey. One critical success factor is digitizing manual business processes, automating routine tasks, and creating an omnichannel experience.

SynTrack: Atos Syntel’s Counterfeit Management Brand Protection and Proliferation Solution

Counterfeit products and IP theft hurt both consumers and brand owners. False product labeling, fake or poor quality materials, or inappropriate trademark use are just a few ways your brand can be damaged.

Atos Syntel’s Connect One:IoT Offerings For Retail & Logistics

Research predicts that by 2020, there will be 30 billion connected devices. The data they generate must be analyzed and acted on in real time to reap the benefits of the IoT revolution.

Smart Warehouse and Inventory Management Powered the Atos Syntel Connect One Platform

Retailers often grapple with inventory management issues such as inventory shortages, shrinkage and overstocking. This can mean lost sales, reduced customer loyalty and increased cost to serve. See how smart IoT from Atos Syntel can help.

Improve Machine Reliability with Atos Syntel’s Fleet Management & Equipment Monitoring

The logistics industry needs to constantly improve the productivity and efficiency of its operations, and the reliability of your fleet. The new maintenance paradigm is evolving from reactive maintenance to preventive and predictive maintenance.

Create a Personalized, Omnichannel Shopping Experience with Atos Syntel’s SyntEngage

Your customers now expect a seamless and personalized experience across every retail channel. Learn how Atos Syntel can connect, align and integrate your stores, websites, mobile and social media channels with merchandising and supply chain.

Boost Performance with Connected Track & Trace Systems by Atos Syntel

The number of connected devices has already exceeded the number of human beings on the planet.

Evolve The Core with Atos Syntel’s Product Engineering Services Powered by Automation

With more and more organizations scrambling to modernize their operations for the digital age, speed and quality have become the two most vital elements to ensure a rich user experience and seamless service delivery.

Transform Labeling and Packaging with Next-Generation Automated Services from Atos Syntel

Life Sciences companies face many challenges delivering product labels tailored to every global market. Successful labeling requires compliance with a diverse set of ever-changing global and local regulatory standards