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Digital Services

Data Modernization - Unleash the power of your data

In the Digital Age, incredible amounts of valuable data are generated every second from countless sources in every format imaginable. See Atos Syntel's solution for maximizing the value of this mountain of data.

Progressive Web Applications (PWA): The Next Big Thing in Digital Engagement

The remarkable growth in global smartphone usage has made mobile the leading digital platform today. Total activity on smartphones and tablets now accounts for two-thirds of all time spent on the web, and smartphone apps alone now take up roughly half of that time.

Exploit the Power of IoT & reimagine business models with Atos Syntel’s Connected IoT Solutions

Smart businesses are using the Internet of Things (IoT) to create products that serve consumer needs and create new business opportunities. Whether your business is evolving or mature in the IoT space, Atos Syntel can help kick-start or accelerate your IoT journey.

Digitizing Business Processes: The Key to Digital Transformation

Digitizing business processes is a key step for any enterprise in its digital transformation. Fragmented or inconsistent business processes can result in poor customer experience and increase risk with slow implementation of regulatory compliance measures.

Achieve Your Digital Goals with Efficient IT Ops Services from Atos Syntel

If your enterprise is under constant pressure to provide always-on IT, improve time to market and reduce costs, your IT Operations approach may be holding you back. in the Digital Age, organizations need to overcome the challenge of maintaining older systems

Build a Richer Customer Experience With Intelligent Digital Touchpoints

In the “Age of the Customer”, digital enterprises rely on new technology to create a compelling customer experience (CX) and deliver a rich, seamless and consistent experience across all channels of consumer engagement.

Actionable Insights at the Point of Decision Making

In the digital age, providing actionable insights to leaders and decision makers is one of the foundational business capabilities of any digital enterprise.

Legacy Modernization in Warranty Management

In the digital age, manufacturers must strive to minimize cost while maximizing customer satisfaction. For any manufacturer, warranty is one of the biggest expenses, and large, complex warranty systems can create both technology and business process challenges.

Creating a Smarter, More Agile Digital Enterprise

Digital Enterprises are focused on creating a rich customer experience and delivering an engaging, consistent experience across every channel and consumer touchpoint.

Intelligent Service Desk Operations

Conventional service desks are evolving quickly with the advent of AI techniques like Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing.