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Digital Services

Augmented Reality (AR): A Next-Gen Disruptor for Retail and Logistics

Retail and logistics companies have been among the earliest adopters of augmented reality technologies. From trying out apparel in a virtual mirror to finding a prime position to place a beloved piece of furniture at home, augmented reality is making it all possible.

SyntBots for Cloud – Atos Syntel’s Automated Cloud Code Migration Tool

Cloud computing has created a new paradigm in application development, and having a highly scalable platform to host applications is a given. Learn how Atos Syntel's intelligent automation platform can make your cloud initiative faster and more efficient.

Build a Cyber Resilient Organization with Atos Syntel

A recent KPMG survey suggests that more than 65% of global organizations list indicate cybersecurity as on of the top five business risks. See how Atos Syntel can protect data in motion and data at rest.

Improving Profitability with Atos Syntel’s PLM and SLM Practice

Achieving growth and new sources of income is a matter of competitive necessity for today’s product-oriented companies.

Migrating to Windchill PLM 11.x With Atos Syntel’s Upgrade and Migration Factory

Organizations using Windchill 10.2 (or below) will need to upgrade to avail of the robust features, the latest CAD tools and enhanced functionalities of Windchill 11.x.

Leverage the Power of Industrial IoT with Atos Syntel

The industrial Internet of Things (IoT) is transforming companies by dramatically improving factory productivity, efficiency and performance through smart, connected operations.

Augmented Reality (AR): Accelerating Productivity for Manufacturers

In the digital age, keeping pace with innovation is not a differentiator, but a requirement. Augmented reality is one technology that promises to enable rapid prototyping, reduce production downtime, enable assisted services and give enterprises a digital edge.

Evolve the Core. Go Digital to Achieve More.

The digital revolution has impacted every industry, disrupting traditional businesses, giving rise to new business models, and redefining customer expectations.

Evolve The Core: Create a Digital-ready Enterprise with Legacy System Modernization

Large legacy systems once gave big enterprises a distinct advantage in terms of capacity and scalability.

Enable Continuous Innovation with Atos Syntel’s Product Engineering Services

With constantly evolving customer demands and the influence of disruptive technologies on the business, enterprises today are embracing the need for continuous innovation at speed.