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Digital Services

Wellness Through Fitness

Healthcare is evolving along two dimensions. The first is a mega shift from in-hospital care to remote and at-home care, while the second is a change of focus from treatment to prevention to wellness.

Stopping revenue leaks and creating optimized business processes with SyntBots

Most healthcare providers manage revenue cycle processes manually, which has resulted in lost revenue and inefficient processes. Can digital technologies provide the answer?

Improve Profitability and Reduce Risk with Denials Management Solutions from Atos Syntel

Facing pressure from legislation, demographics and increasing levels of innovation from competitors, healthcare providers must adapt their revenue cycles to contain operating costs while improving care and maintaining regulatory compliance.

ATOM: An Intelligent Digital Platform to Power your Smart Applications

Today no application is built from scratch. To achieve digital speed, organizations across the globe are leveraging open source technologies and cloud services — especially AI, machine learning and cognitive services — to build rich, engaging apps.

Transforming Manufacturing Sales and Service with Blockchain

The manufacturing industry is embracing digital transformation on a global scale. Automobiles are becoming digital platforms and shop floors employ digital technologies to manufacture these products.

SyntBots Process Recorder: Process Engineering for the Modern Enterprise

Atos Syntel’s platform agnostic desktop tool captures user actions to create activity maps for improved documentation, business process workflows and time and motion studies.

Healthcare Product Testing Made Easy with Atos Syntel’s Testing Framework

EMR and EHR systems are highly complex and change frequently. To keep your teams focused on core patient care, Atos Syntel’s Product Testing Framework accelerates testing, boosts efficiency, and provides complete test coverage without burdening your experts.

Ensuring Secure Payment Data with Atos Syntel’s Data Security Remediation Factory

Cards and payments companies have huge volumes of files and databases containing historical data which can be analyzed and processed. See how Atos Syntel can extract insights from this valuable data while ensuring it remains secure.

Blockchain: Platform for Industry 4.0

While the application of distributed ledger technology — commonly known as blockchain — has primarily been limited to financial applications, adoption in the retail and logistics sector is on the rise. See how Atos Syntel can put it to work for you.

Artificial Intelligence: Creating Value for Retail

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence and machine learning have enabled many enterprises to dramatically transform their operations. Learn how Atos Syntel can help retailers convert AI from a pipe dream to a pipeline.