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Digital Services

Centralized Global Partner to Support Scalable Model for Future Generation e-DMS

Multiple Document Management Systems (DMS) around the globe are a challenge for the pharmaceutical industry. Our clinical DMS solution integrates IT and KPO to harmonize business processes, publish and manage documents, and support end-to-end document management.

Automating IT Ops with SyntBots®

Banking and Financial Services companies are under pressure to provide always-on IT at reduced costs. See how we use RPA, autonomics, and cognitive computing to automating Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), eliminate human errors and enhance productivity.

Improve Business Outcomes with Atos Syntel’s Big Data Offerings

The unprecedented growth in volume, variety and velocity of data is a challenge and an opportunity for organizations. Our Big Data solutions enable you to engage customers, increase loyalty, detect fraud and manage risk. Learn how.

Transportation Management Goes Digital with Atos Syntel’s TMS — A Mission Critical Application

Our best in class TMS services help logistics and transportation companies achieve higher productivity, provide faster delivery and better customer service at lower cost.

Supporting Real-time Logistics Industry Collaboration with a Modern EDI Platform

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) enables logistics and transportation companies and their partners to support electronic document exchange. Our services help implement EDI quickly and cost effectively, then manage and monitor systems over the entire EDI lifecycle.

Analyzing Real Time Big Data for Quick Insights and Faster Decision-making

Real-time data is the holy grail of information. Atos Syntel’s Real Time Aggregator collects and analyzes real-time data, helpig you identify trends and interpret key business information with rich graphs, reports and dashboards.

Smoothing the Transition to EU MDR

The EU MDR regulations will impact everything from product design to market surveillance.

Latest to Legacy

Over the past three decades, Atos Syntel has helped numerous Global 2000 customers stay ahead of a wide range of technology developments, including the Internet’s evolution, mobile technologies and more.

Transparent Governance, Robust Risk Management and Timely Compliance

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, organizations across the globe have realized the importance of enhanced governance, robust risk management practices and stringent regulatory guidelines, in order to keep pace with financial innovation.

Platform as a Service (PaaS) Demystified

In most private cloud scenarios, companies look at IaaS as the only way to implement cloud. However, there must be an element of PaaS (Platform as a Service) to boost efficiency, maximize ROI and create a more mature cloud implementation.