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Digital Services

Be First to Market with Atos Syntel’s Test Design Accelerator

With the Digital Age increasing demands for quality at speed, many IT organizations find it difficult to deliver projects on schedule while keeping costs down and quality high. See how our innovative Test Design Accelerator can make that a reality for you.

Atos Syntel's Perspective on ICD-10 Migration

The ICD-9 to ICD-10 migration poses a major challenge for healthcare payers and providers. However, an ICD-10 implementation is a remarkable opportunity to upgrade the quality of your healthcare data. See how we make it happen.

Ratings Simplified

Credit ratings are critical for companies, banks, and other financial services organizations to decide on who or what they invest in. However, the circle of trust works both ways, and credit rating agencies must have reliable, repeatable ways of analyzing risk.

Easy Product Testing with Atos Syntel’s Product Testing Framework

Software delivery teams must deliver cost effective solutions with flawless quality, but legacy systems, stringent regulations, and new standards make testing challenging and expensive. Learn how Atos Syntel can make your testing simpler, faster and risk-free.

Atos Syntel’s Medicare and Medicaid Services

Medicare and Medicaid spending growth is the fastest among healthcare segments. With increasing volume and shrinking margins, payers need to keep operating costs low, while maintaining compliance with regulations.

Accelerating Product Management with Atos Syntel’s Product Structure Accelerator

The manufacturing industry is undergoing increased, optimized and standardized systems usage, and most pre and post-production functions are automated. See how our solutions can deliver agility and flexibility to your manufacturing systems.

DevOps: Accelerating Application Release Velocity

Application Services providers need to remediate their strategies for better process maturity, technology consolidation, and consistent deployment, while adhering to appropriate metrics.

Collaborating for Patient Centric Healthcare

 Patient centric care is at the core of nearly every debate in healthcare. Learm more about Atos Syntel's prescription for changes that industry stakeholders need to undergo in order to achieve the goal of true patient centricity.

The Journey to Duck Creek Platform Excellence

An efficient product platform is at the core of a carrier’s IT landscape. We offer insurers  a complete suite of services and accelerators for the Duck Creek Policy Admin, Billing and Claims Platform — designed to deliver faster, more efficient services.

Accelerate your digital transformation with Atos Syntel cloud services

Today, every business is a digital business, and cloud is the new enterprise backbone. Atos Syntel delivers cloud native development with DevOps, managed hybrid cloud, and transformation services powered by automation.