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Digital Services

Enhancing B2C interactions with Salesforce CRM

The client is a leading credit union that was using CRM to track and maintain interactions and sell products. They wanted to group members of the same household to appear as a single entity for easier decision making. Here's the solutions we offered.

Transforming to a Digital Healthcare Enterprise through Atos Syntel’s hDigitalTx

The dimensions and scale of the challenges faced by healthcare providers. Now the industry has models in which care is delivered by teams rather than individuals. In this new setting, digital, analytics and social media are important value creators.

Exit Legacy:Atos Syntel’s Solution for Faster, Cheaper, Low Risk Legacy Transformation

Legacy software is embedded in customer organizations with extreme complexity. The problems with legacy applications are lack of agility, skills shortage, and high costs. In the new digital era, agile, proactive, and flexible IT systems are the key to business growth.

Automate Testing for Faster & Efficient ETL

Extract Transform and Load (ETL) operations are challenging for many reasons -- huge volumes, complex data attributes, and unclear requirements among others. Learn how we automate ETL processes to enhance efficiency and reduce turnaround time.

Enterprise Architecture Assessment and Set-Up

Enterprise Architecture (EA) is not just an approach to fix a single problem, it helps develop an entire ecosystem to run the business smoothly.

Optimize Performance by Harmonizing Computer System Validation

Computer system validation (CSV) is critical for pharma, biotech and medical device companies. As new tech like cloud, mHealth and automated testing becomes more common, you need a strong partner ready to handle the complexity of your back-end infrastructure.

Empowering ACO Success with Integrated Analytics

Accountable Care Organizations are a new model for care delivery, an attempt at the reform process, and a step towards transforming traditional fee for service into care that creates value for patients. See our blueprint for ACO and what it means to you.

Achieve Improved Business Performance with Atos Syntel’s SharePoint Services

Collaboration and social networking can help achieve the productivity and performance required in the Digital Age. That's why Atos Syntel offers a low-risk solution to effectively migrate your content management systems to SharePoint.

Atos Syntel’s Regulatory Reporting Solution for Financial Companies

Effective data management and robust reporting help financial organizations reduce risk and achieve a better view of their company. See how Atos Syntel can help implement efficient, effective and fully compliant reporting at minimal cost.

Leveraging Warranty Analytics for End-to-End Information Lifecycle Management

Whether the issue is high warranty costs, poor product quality, an increase in claims, or reducing fraudulent warranty claims, effective data analysis is the key to making informed decisions and bringing stability and efficiency to your warranty process.