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Digital Services

Deliver "Quality with Speed" with Atos Syntel's Continuous Testing Services

Digital disruption has increased the pressure to deliver quality at digital speed, but traditional QA models are not up to the task. Atos Syntel’s Continuous Testing services can address this volatility with a comprehensive managed outcome delivery model.

Transform your Business with Intelligent Robotics

The digital age has brought the technology, business need, and process maturity to transform IT. To deliver exceptional products and services in the shortest possible time, smart businesses are turning to SyntBots to transform and adapt to the new digital reality.

Increase Efficiency and Reduce Risk with SyntBots® for IT Ops

The Digital Age demands always-on IT, fast time to market, and low costs. The SyntBots platform enables a quantum leap in the efficiency of your IT operations and frees up the budget and talent required to innovate and change the business.

Improving Machine Reliability through Real time Monitoring and Failure Prediction

Maintenance is evolving from reactive to preventive and predictive maintenance. Real-time alerts can improve safety and minimize downtime, but the real challenge is to efficiently process large volumes of real time information to drive decision making.

Atos Syntel’s Smart Pharma Solution - Improving Quality of Life for Patients

In today’s world, digital innovation in life sciences predominantly focuses on consumers and external collaboration. Our Smart Pharma solution takes the next step, delivering a comprehensive digital platform that empowers patients, pharmacists and pharma companies