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Digital Services

Everyday Commerce. Is conversational commerce the next killer app?

Customers are at the heart of retail, and today’s retailers must find new ways to interact with and quickly adapt to changing consumer behaviors and buying patterns.

Blockchain: Platform for Industry 4.0

While the application of distributed ledger technology — commonly known as blockchain — has primarily been limited to financial applications, adoption in the retail and logistics sector is on the rise. See how Atos Syntel can put it to work for you.

Artificial Intelligence: Creating Value for Retail

Over the past few years, artificial intelligence and machine learning have enabled many enterprises to dramatically transform their operations. Learn how Atos Syntel can help retailers convert AI from a pipe dream to a pipeline.

Augmented Reality (AR): A Next-Gen Disruptor for Retail and Logistics

Retail and logistics companies have been among the earliest adopters of augmented reality technologies. From trying out apparel in a virtual mirror to finding a prime position to place a beloved piece of furniture at home, augmented reality is making it all possible.

Digitizing Business Processes: The Key to Digital Transformation

Digitizing business processes is a key step for any enterprise in its digital transformation. Fragmented or inconsistent business processes can result in poor customer experience and increase risk with slow implementation of regulatory compliance measures.

Achieve Your Digital Goals with Efficient IT Ops Services from Atos Syntel

If your enterprise is under constant pressure to provide always-on IT, improve time to market and reduce costs, your IT Operations approach may be holding you back. in the Digital Age, organizations need to overcome the challenge of maintaining older systems

Build a Richer Customer Experience With Intelligent Digital Touchpoints

In the “Age of the Customer”, digital enterprises rely on new technology to create a compelling customer experience (CX) and deliver a rich, seamless and consistent experience across all channels of consumer engagement.

Actionable Insights at the Point of Decision Making

In the digital age, providing actionable insights to leaders and decision makers is one of the foundational business capabilities of any digital enterprise.

SynTrack: Atos Syntel’s Counterfeit Management Brand Protection and Proliferation Solution

Counterfeit products and IP theft hurt both consumers and brand owners. False product labeling, fake or poor quality materials, or inappropriate trademark use are just a few ways your brand can be damaged.

Atos Syntel’s Connect One:IoT Offerings For Retail & Logistics

Research predicts that by 2020, there will be 30 billion connected devices. The data they generate must be analyzed and acted on in real time to reap the benefits of the IoT revolution.