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Digital Services

Maximize the Value of your Investments with Atos Syntel’s Managed Services for Facets

Today’s healthcare businesses are under pressure to optimize their processes to improve operational effectiveness and respond quickly. In response, many health plans are looking to transform their business models to compete more effectively in this dynamic industry.

Transforming to a Digital Healthcare Enterprise through Atos Syntel’s hDigitalTx

The dimensions and scale of the challenges faced by healthcare providers. Now the industry has models in which care is delivered by teams rather than individuals. In this new setting, digital, analytics and social media are important value creators.

Empowering ACO Success with Integrated Analytics

Accountable Care Organizations are a new model for care delivery, an attempt at the reform process, and a step towards transforming traditional fee for service into care that creates value for patients. See our blueprint for ACO and what it means to you.

Atos Syntel's Perspective on ICD-10 Migration

The ICD-9 to ICD-10 migration poses a major challenge for healthcare payers and providers. However, an ICD-10 implementation is a remarkable opportunity to upgrade the quality of your healthcare data. See how we make it happen.

Atos Syntel’s Medicare and Medicaid Services

Medicare and Medicaid spending growth is the fastest among healthcare segments. With increasing volume and shrinking margins, payers need to keep operating costs low, while maintaining compliance with regulations.

Atos Syntel’s unique Risk Adjustment Data Submission Solution for Healthcare Payers offering plans on HIX

Commercial Risk Adjustment is a high-impact, revenue generating process for payers. Learn how our risk adjustment data submission solution delivers the tools, expertise and know-how to standardize and submit the required data.

Collaborating for Patient Centric Healthcare

 Patient centric care is at the core of nearly every debate in healthcare. Learm more about Atos Syntel's prescription for changes that industry stakeholders need to undergo in order to achieve the goal of true patient centricity.

Derive More Value from FACETS Platform by Automating Customer-centric Services

Healthcare companies rely on IT to transform legacy systems into robust product platforms. See how we can reduce the pressure of increasing costs and healthcare reform with a customer-centric approach to re-architect your platforms for greater efficiency and speed.

Transforming Healthcare with hDigitalTx

The evolution of healthcare now features care delivered by teams rather than individuals, measured by outcomes rather than activity, and purchased as packages rather than pieces. In this new era, digital, analytics and social media are becoming the new value creators.

Realizing Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have been around for some time, but there is renewed excitement about its potential.  Learn how Atos Syntel can leverage these flashy technologies to create real-world business results.