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Digital Services

Derive More Value from FACETS Platform by Automating Customer-centric Services

Healthcare companies rely on IT to transform legacy systems into robust product platforms. See how we can reduce the pressure of increasing costs and healthcare reform with a customer-centric approach to re-architect your platforms for greater efficiency and speed.

Transforming Healthcare with hDigitalTx

The evolution of healthcare now features care delivered by teams rather than individuals, measured by outcomes rather than activity, and purchased as packages rather than pieces. In this new era, digital, analytics and social media are becoming the new value creators.

Realizing Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have been around for some time, but there is renewed excitement about its potential.  Learn how Atos Syntel can leverage these flashy technologies to create real-world business results.

Robotic Process Automation: The Path to Modernization

For the U.S. healthcare industry today, slow turnaround time (TAT) for critical business transactions can be extremely disruptive and pose a significant threat. See how we can transform and modernize your core business environment to accelerate TAT.

Wellness through Fitness

Healthcare is evolving from in-hospital care to remote/at-home care, and the focus is shifting from prevention to wellness. Payers, providers, patients and government all have an incentive to drive wellness, improve population health and reduce costs.