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Digital Services

Reduce cost, improve agility and efficiency with automated IT Ops from Atos Syntel

The healthcare industry is at an inflection point. Established players must address escalating costs and consumer expectations while keeping an eye on startups with big disruptive potential.

Wellness Through Fitness

Healthcare is evolving along two dimensions. The first is a mega shift from in-hospital care to remote and at-home care, while the second is a change of focus from treatment to prevention to wellness.

Transform Your Revenue Cycle With BizOps Automation

Today’s healthcare providers face enormous strains on the revenue cycle due to complex healthcare reforms, reduced payments, new reimbursement models, and complex payer contracts.

Improve Profitability and Reduce Risk with Denials Management Solutions from Atos Syntel

Facing pressure from legislation, demographics and increasing levels of innovation from competitors, healthcare providers must adapt their revenue cycles to contain operating costs while improving care and maintaining regulatory compliance.

Healthcare Product Testing Made Easy with Atos Syntel’s Testing Framework

EMR and EHR systems are highly complex and change frequently. To keep your teams focused on core patient care, Atos Syntel’s Product Testing Framework accelerates testing, boosts efficiency, and provides complete test coverage without burdening your experts.

Digitizing Business Processes: The Key to Digital Transformation

Digitizing business processes is a key step for any enterprise in its digital transformation. Fragmented or inconsistent business processes can result in poor customer experience and increase risk with slow implementation of regulatory compliance measures.

Achieve Your Digital Goals with Efficient IT Ops Services from Atos Syntel

If your enterprise is under constant pressure to provide always-on IT, improve time to market and reduce costs, your IT Operations approach may be holding you back. in the Digital Age, organizations need to overcome the challenge of maintaining older systems

Actionable Insights at the Point of Decision Making

In the digital age, providing actionable insights to leaders and decision makers is one of the foundational business capabilities of any digital enterprise.

Reduce Cost, Improve Agility and Efficiency with Automated IT Ops from Atos Syntel

Today's health plans are under pressure to reduce operational costs, deliver a superior customer experience, and address reforms. The Digital Age needs "always on" IT, fast response to a changing marketplace, that allow you to focus on your strategic initiatives.

Maximize the Value of your Core Investments with Atos Syntel’s Facets Professional Services

Today’s healthcare businesses are under pressure to optimize their processes to improve operational effectiveness and respond quickly. In response, many health plans are looking to transform their business models to compete more effectively.