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Digital Services

Atos Syntel’s KYC/AML Compliance Offerings

KYC/AML enables financial organizations to effectively manage and optimize operational risk management processes and drive strategic decision making. Its risk scoring matrix helps in case management, watch list monitoring, and suspicious activity monitoring.

Ratings Simplified

Credit ratings are critical for companies, banks, and other financial services organizations to decide on who or what they invest in. However, the circle of trust works both ways, and credit rating agencies must have reliable, repeatable ways of analyzing risk.

Transparent Governance, Robust Risk Management and Timely Compliance

In the aftermath of the Great Recession, organizations across the globe have realized the importance of enhanced governance, robust risk management practices and stringent regulatory guidelines, in order to keep pace with financial innovation.

Accelerating Dodd-Frank Compliance Initiatives

Dodd-Frank is an important piece of legislation for financial institutions, impacting how financial products are bought, sold and traded. Our compliance solutions help you understand and quantify these impacts, prepare effectively and jumpstart the compliance process.

Financial Services Transformation with a Next Generation Data Warehouse

The ability to leverage Big Data for actionable business insights is a key to sustainable competitive advantage in today’s marketplace. Leading financial services institutions need to rethink their Data Warehousing strategy for improved business outcomes.

Reengineered Applications and Real-time Dashboards with Atos Syntel’s One-Stop Auto Finance Solution

As auto finance institutions look to expand, it becomes difficult to handle multiple dealers, laws and regulations for each location. That's why it is crucial to choose a skilled, capable technology partner capable of managing this complexity.

Detecting Risks and Averting Fraud with Atos Syntel’s AML Solutions

Money laundering poses a financial threat, economic dilemma and legal issues across the globe.

Robo Advisors: Can an Algorithm Replace your Wealth Manager?

Algorithm-based “robo advisors” offer low-cost, high-quality financial advice for investors. Traditional broker-dealers and investment advisors face stiff competition from automated digital competitors, but Atos Syntel can help level the playing field.

Gaining a 360 Degree View of Customer Data

When many teams serve a customer, each one creates their own view. Ambiguity or poor data quality can affect decisions, alienate customers and reduce profitability. Atos Syntel breaks this cycle to build an accurate, unified view of your customers.