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Digital Services

Everyday Commerce. Is conversational commerce the next killer app?

Customers are at the heart of retail, and today’s retailers must find new ways to interact with and quickly adapt to changing consumer behaviors and buying patterns.

Release faster, more secure applications with DevSecOps from Atos Syntel

Accelerate business value delivery with an automation-driven approach that ensures quality and security together.

Making an effective transition to EU MDR and IVDR Compliance

The medical device manufacturing industry is undergoing a series of unprecedented regulatory changes due to evolving EU regulations.

Digital Vision for Health

Atos Digital Vision series aims to provide a thoughtful and informed view of the opportunities brought about by digital services.

Power your digital transformation with Atos|Syntel’s digital services

Healthcare organizations are at the forefront of digital disruption, which is transforming the industry and making traditional business models obsolete.

Atos in Media Pathways to digital transformation

The internet disrupted the media and entertainment value chain. Business, however, is essentially still based on the fundamentals of a century ago: engaging and retaining audiences. What is changing dramatically is the way to monetize them.

Achieve the true value of technology adoption with Atos Syntel

To keep up with market demands, today’s healthcare organizations must embrace rapid technology change driven by digitization while improving financial outcomes and patient care.

Boost your application stack to stay ahead in the digital journey

Shorter technology adoption cycles, customers demanding services ‘now’ and fluid regulatory landscape are prompting businesses to change faster than ever before.

Reduce cost, improve agility and efficiency with automated IT Ops from Atos Syntel

The healthcare industry is at an inflection point. Established players must address escalating costs and consumer expectations while keeping an eye on startups with big disruptive potential.

Create digital-ready applications with Atos Syntel’s containerization solutions

In today’s competitive business landscape, flexibility can be the difference between success and failure.