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Digital Services

Power, precision, speed: Managing ADM transitions the Atos way

Every application management project, no matter the scale or complexity, begins with a carefully scoped and managed transition period.

Remote care platform

Patient-centric remote care platforms can take the strain off urgent care clinics and emergency departments by managing many acute and chronic diseases remotely.

Delivering greater customer convenience with innovative last mile fulfillment solutions

Retailers that don’t offer last mile fulfilment are losing potential sales, but how do you expand your supply chain without blowing up the cost structure?

Overcoming the challenge of lost goods in eCommerce delivery

Modern retailers and logistics providers must deliver the right packages to the right recipients as quickly and cheaply as possible, but this complexity comes with its own cost and risk. Can an AI-powered approach really deliver the goods?

Modern Data Architecture using Snowflake

Snowflake is a compelling option for a cloud-based data platform that can meet the organization’s data analytics needs.

Leveraging Integrated Healthcare CRM to Drive Patient Engagement

The global pandemic has exposed dangerous gaps in current population health strategies. An integrated approach to CRM can be the solution.

Mapping out the Claims Transformation Journey

Customer experience is the most important growth lever for any customer-facing industry.

Enabling positive financial outcomes with intelligent supply chain management

In uncertain times, healthcare companies must be prepared for sudden increases in demand for supplies, as well as other shocks to the supply chain. For healthcare leaders, a stable, effective supply chain is the best way to ensure long-term business viability.

Enabling innovative new treatments with high quality labeling and packaging solutions

As innovative new treatments are introduced, accurate packaging and labeling is essential to ensure patient safety, medication quality and proper use. In this rapidly evolving world, digital technologies hold the key.

Atos Digital Health Solutions Consulting

Are you prepared for the move from Flash to HTML5? Get ahead of what’s to come with pre-packaged Kronos upgrade services from Atos. The results include cost savings, increased agility, streamlined processing and improved performance.