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Retailers need to make their stores more interactive, engaging and personalized. They also need to address key operational challenges such as workforce management, loss prevention and back-end operations, while digitizing the in-store experience. 

Atos|Syntel’s smart store solutions create a richer shopping experience for the consumer, and our store productivity solutions deliver more efficient store operations.


Store Service Workbench (SSW)

There are many factors that can prevent store associates from spending enough time assisting customers face-to-face, including a lack of automation at stores, improper task management, and poorly integrated information systems.

Atos|Syntel’s Store Service Workbench (SSW) solution acts as a conduit between headquarters and stores, providing real-time store performance information and serving as a way to channelize, track and manage store operations.

With functionality including task management, work collaboration and knowledge management, retailers can minimize labor costs, simplify task complexity and overcome other operational challenges. Additional benefits include improved customer service and shorter product lifecycles.

Key Features 

  • Metrics dashboards 
  • Flexible reporting 
  • Project management capabilities to streamline operations 
  • Effective store process compliance 
  • Rule-based alerts 
  • Seamless deployment across multiple devices 
  • NRF Arts-based data model for easy adoption 
  • Requires no changes to existing store systems investments 

Store Associate Tracker 

An effective store manager must be able to assign the right associates in the right in-store location. Not only does it create a better in-store experience for shoppers, but it also motivates associates and improves job satisfaction with assignments better suited to their skillsets.

Atos|Syntel’s Store Associate Tracker precisely tracks factors like customer shopping behavior, associate location and movement patterns, and maps associate and customer density to enable more personalized customer service and dynamic workforce management.

Key Benefits

  • Visibility into employee workflows
  • Effective workforce management 
  • More personalized customer service 
  • Deeper insight into customer shopping patterns 

Shopper Assist

Consumers today rely heavily on smart phones to access information, share their preferences, and make shopping decisions. 

Atos|Syntel’s Shopper Assist is a mobile retail application that enhances customer engagement and loyalty by enabling consumers to seamlessly access product inventory, maintain shopping lists and access rich in-store features. The application also enables more personalized service with several built-in features.

Key Features 

  • Seamless integration with e-Commerce and store channels 
  • In-store item locator with shopping list routing and aisle-based promotions 
  • Customized product suggestions 
  • "Scan to learn" feature 
  • Social media integration 
  • Mobile checkout 
  • Digital wallet


We support your business with innovative solutions that accelerate your growth curve in the evolving retail market. Atos|Syntel’s next-gen approach to retail experience inspires lifelong advocacy among your customers, and in turn, maximize your profitability.

Success Stories

Reducing Performance Testing Costs by 30% For a Retail Giant

America’s second-largest general retailer was facing major problems with application performance. Their multi-vendor strategy enabled them to handle application development and testing, but led to ad hoc release cycles and integration issues.

download PDF

Building an Error-Free Carrier Invoice Management System

A Fortune 100 retailer needed to scrub its existing carrier invoice management system to ensure it was error-free. See how we digitized the process to create a direct fulfillment network capable of supporting current the client's future growth.

download PDF

Eliminating Manual Order Processing for Better Supply Chain Productivity

A Fortune 100 retailer wanted to eliminate manual intervention from its supply chain applications and enhance financial analytics. See how Atos Syntel enhanced the client’s common information model and eliminated manual intervention for more efficient operations.

download PDF

Creating an Effective Testing Model for Supply Chain Applications

The client is a Fortune 100 retailer with 2,000+ stores across the globe.  They use Manhattan supply chain solutions for their warehouse operations. Atos Syntel put together a knowledgeable core team that eliminated redundancy and increased efficiency.

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