Ecommerce Lost Goods Platform

Strengthening eCommerce delivery with lost goods intelligence

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By leveraging the eCommerce lost goods platform, retail and logistics providers can significantly improve visibility into the shipment lifecycle, reduce logistics costs, and ensure the right delivery.

Digitalizing the lost goods process brings predictability and efficiency to tracking and locating eCommerce goods in transit for delivery.

Our AI-enabled lost goods platform helps retailers and shippers proactively provide the right delivery address to maximize the potential of fulfillment and eCommerce delivery.


Intelligent Assistant

Solves complex problems such as predictive matching, advanced persistent search, picture-to-picture match, and picture text and voice-to-text translation.

Discovery Portal

Enhances operational excellence to continuously improve the shipping experience. Enables trace/research agents to correlate and match claims data with lost goods information using AI.

Shipment Advisor

Automatically generates options to schedule a reverse logistics delivery through machine learning. Enables claims agents to proactively collect shipment notifications from consignors/ consignees for lost parcels that have been matched.

Integrated Search & Match

Provides powerful search capabilities to find information on specific parameters or values from raw data, allowing trace/research agents to proactively search for lost parcels within the lost goods items.

Track & Trace Alerts

Integrates with track & trace systems to proactively identify mismatches between milestone events and provide proactive alerts for all mismatches or failures to sustain the lost goods environment.

Incident Management

Leverages predictive algorithms to identify incidents and enable clients to access information, assistance, and optimize cost.

The Atos Syntel Advantage

  • Reusable technical accelerators and IP, including SyntBots and Atom, to speed up implementations and reduce the effort
  • Cloud modernization toolkit to accelerate time to market
  • Global AI labs and Atos Studio for rapid experimentation and prototyping to build supply chain resilience 
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