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Customer Personalization as a Service (CPaaS)

In this complex digital world, retailers want a simple way to reach the right customer with the right offer at the right time. Retailers recognize the potential value of the Big Data explosion, but converting raw data into actionable insights can be extremely difficult.

Atos|Syntel‘s Customer Personalization as a Service (CPaaS) offering mines petabytes of structured and unstructured data to identify unique customer preferences and craft relevant marketing campaigns and promotions targeted to each individual. 

By employing advanced analytics, CPaaS enables retailers to filter and decipher data from social media, digital, and other channels to build individual customer profiles and offer a tailor-made shopping experience. Furthermore, because CPaaS is built on an open source platform, it delivers lower TCO and the flexibility to integrate with your existing systems and support a variety of different data sources. 


We support your business with innovative solutions that accelerate your growth curve in the evolving retail market. Atos|Syntel’s next-gen approach to retail experience inspires lifelong advocacy among your customers, and in turn, maximize your profitability.

Success Stories

Reducing Performance Testing Costs by 30% For a Retail Giant

America’s second-largest general retailer was facing major problems with application performance. Their multi-vendor strategy enabled them to handle application development and testing, but led to ad hoc release cycles and integration issues.

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Building an Error-Free Carrier Invoice Management System

A Fortune 100 retailer needed to scrub its existing carrier invoice management system to ensure it was error-free. See how we digitized the process to create a direct fulfillment network capable of supporting current the client's future growth.

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Eliminating Manual Order Processing for Better Supply Chain Productivity

A Fortune 100 retailer wanted to eliminate manual intervention from its supply chain applications and enhance financial analytics. See how Atos Syntel enhanced the client’s common information model and eliminated manual intervention for more efficient operations.

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Creating an Effective Testing Model for Supply Chain Applications

The client is a Fortune 100 retailer with 2,000+ stores across the globe.  They use Manhattan supply chain solutions for their warehouse operations. Atos Syntel put together a knowledgeable core team that eliminated redundancy and increased efficiency.

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