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Retailers are constantly striving to achieve operational excellence, improve consumer experience, and manage costs. For more than two decades, Atos|Syntel has worked with global retailers to create more efficient, cost effective and streamlined operations that achieve sustainable business value and fast return on investment, enabling our clients to focus on the end consumer.


Managed Services for Retail

Atos|Syntel delivers a holistic suite of managed services for retail that enables our clients to focus on their core competency — maximizing sales — while Atos|Syntel works behind the scenes to standardize, support, maintain and enhance efficiency across the enterprise. 

Our philosophy differs from a traditional function or resource-based approach, instead building a holistic, structured, service-oriented offering that is driven by metrics, performance, and improved business outcomes.

MIII – Manage, Migrate, Modernize

Atos|Syntel’s Manage, Migrate, Modernize (MIII) approach delivers an evolutionary path to evolve your core operations from legacy to digital. MIII takes a holistic look at your technology and business operations and employs a “digital triage” approach to identify mission critical systems, prioritize applications and platforms for modernization, and deliver quick wins.

Atos|Syntel’s MIII enables organizations to improve business agility with a simpler, more scalable technology ecosystem at a reduced cost of ownership. MIII employs the SyntBots® automation framework to delivers a low risk, cost-effective approach to unlocking business value, and works hand in hand with our other managed services like Continuous Testing and IT Ops driven Application and Infrastructure Management.

Continuous Testing

Atos|Syntel’s retail testing solutions are designed to detect, diagnose and prevent defects at the earliest stages of the application lifecycle. By implementing a shift-left approach, tool agnostic test automation from SyntBots, and a library of domain-specific testing accelerators, we can transform your traditional QA function into true quality engineering.

Our automation-driven testing services work hand-in-hand with our domain-centric solutions to reduce manual effort, improve quality, and speed up releases, enabling your to be first to market with new products and services.

BPTR – Business Process Test Repository

Atos|Syntel employs a repository of more than 1,000 retail-focused test scenarios and business processes that connect with the SyntBots automation framework to reduce manual testing work and accelerate the testing cycle. BPTR automatically generates test cases and artifacts based on standard retail business processes, and can be customized to meet your unique needs. 

Key Benefits 

  • 30-50% cost reduction for requirement gathering, design and testing
  • Faster time to market
  • Pre-populated templates for retail business processes
  • Improved process traceability 

IT OPs powered Infrastructure Management

Today’s retail organizations must be more agile and responsive than ever before, and your technology infrastructure has to keep up. We work with our clients to build a more flexible, robust and responsive IT infrastructure that can support and deliver a seamless shopping experience across emerging channels and technologies.

Atos|Syntel’s IT Ops solutions deliver agility, cost effectiveness and efficiency by leveraging our SyntBots automation framework. SyntBots employs analytics and machine learning to move from reactive recovery mode to a predictive approach that detects and automatically scales resources to meet business demand.

Cloud Solutions

Digital natives expect “anytime, anywhere” access to goods and services, and are far more loyal to convenience than they are to brands. Since many retailers can spend as much as 75% of their IT budgets maintaining older platforms and applications, making these “big iron” systems available 24/7 can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, Atos|Syntel has developed a suite of tools and accelerators that enable retailers move even the most entrenched technology applications to the cloud. Our cloud services include:

  • Cloud Strategy Development 
  • Application Modernization and Cloud Enablement
  • Cloud Orchestration
  • Enterprise Public Cloud Platform Deployment
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We support your business with innovative solutions that accelerate your growth curve in the evolving retail market. Atos|Syntel’s next-gen approach to retail experience inspires lifelong advocacy among your customers, and in turn, maximize your profitability.

Success Stories

Reducing Performance Testing Costs by 30% For a Retail Giant

America’s second-largest general retailer was facing major problems with application performance. Their multi-vendor strategy enabled them to handle application development and testing, but led to ad hoc release cycles and integration issues.

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Building an Error-Free Carrier Invoice Management System

A Fortune 100 retailer needed to scrub its existing carrier invoice management system to ensure it was error-free. See how we digitized the process to create a direct fulfillment network capable of supporting current the client's future growth.

download PDF

Eliminating Manual Order Processing for Better Supply Chain Productivity

A Fortune 100 retailer wanted to eliminate manual intervention from its supply chain applications and enhance financial analytics. See how Atos Syntel enhanced the client’s common information model and eliminated manual intervention for more efficient operations.

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