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By leveraging Atos|Syntel’s last mile delivery platform, retail and logistics providers can make shipping simpler, faster and convenient for customers.

The tool synchronizes and consolidates orders by tracking number and driver availability, which brings predictability and efficiency to multi-fleet dispatch and routing during the delivery process.

Our AI-enabled last mile control tower enables retailers and shippers deliver a real-time experience to connect with last mile drivers, stores and edge warehouses. The predictive algorithms enable shippers to deliver on-time, based on event/scan intelligence.


Key Offerings

Atos|Syntel’s ready-to-deploy last mile delivery platform employs predictive analytics, delivery automation and tracking features.

On-demand Driver Integration

Seamlessly onboards crowdsourced drivers to to increase coverage and fulfill variable demand

Order Consolidation

Provides picking rules and order batching to manage a wide variety of deliveries, reduce order fulfillment effort and shipping costs

Autonomous Dispatch

Allocates on-demand orders and schedules deliveries based on order priority and real-time rerouting

Intelligent Driver/Vehicle Allocation

Provides driver and vehicle selection decisions based on customer and capacity needs to contain costs and optimize carrier options

Dynamic Routing

Optimizes routes throughout using real-time data to improve fleet utilization and reduce empty miles per driver

Driver Orchestration

Helps manage driver tasks and provides real-time decisions to optimize delivery sequences

Dynamic Slot Booking

Creates a convenient delivery experience with the ability to choose preferred delivery dates and times

Real Time Tracking

Enables real-time delivery updates, estimated time of arrival and driver status

Proof of Delivery

Captures customer signature, barcode and product images for delivery authentication

Our reusable accelerators and IP ensure faster implementation at lower cost, and our global AI labs enable us to rapidly experiment and prototype your solution, resulting in a more transparent, resilient supply chain.

Key Benefits

Personalized delivery experience

Easy onboarding of drivers & service providers

Efficient fleet utilization

Optimized delivery speed & cost

Improved transparency & visibility

Success Stories

Improving last-mile delivery capacity and speed for the world’s leading logistics company

Customers have high expectations when it comes to last-mile deliveries. Retailers and logistics companies must fulfill the expected demand of customers through innovative technological solutions such as multi-carrier policy, the gig economy and crowdsourcing for on-demand drivers

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Opening a new line of business for a US auto parts retailer

There has never been a time of greater change for the “last mile”. Consumers order more things online, expecting more control and faster delivery.

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