Industrial IoT

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Atos|Syntel’s industrial IoT solutions are designed to provide benefits such as early fault detection, notification and prevention, reduced downtime and maintenance costs, and a full-featured vehicle/equipment performance dashboard.


Industrial IoT Solutions

  • Setup and customize off-the-shelf IoT software (e.g. connected vehicle solutions)

IoT Architecture Consulting

  • IoT platform selection (build vs. buy)
  • IoT technology roadmap and solution architecture definition
  • Proof of concept development and validation 
  • Event-driven architecture, complex event processing, and streaming analytics

IoT Technology Platforms

  • Build and manage IoT applications on IoT platforms
  • Extension applications – mobile enablement, integration with enterprise systems, analytics, visualization

Business Benefits

  • Predictive maintenance: Predict failure of components, proactively determine next-best-action to reduce TCO
  • Improved product quality: Provide feedback to product development teams to prioritize R&D investment
  • Optimized warranty cost: Anticipate potential recalls, forecast warranty accrual, identify suspicious warranty claims, and effectively structure warranty contracts
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